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26 Thoughts From My 26th Year

So today’s is my birthday (yay!) and what a year it has been. Here is a list of things that I learned/pondered/came to appreciate over the past 12 months of my existence:

  1. Being kind to mean people is hard, but worth it in the end
  2. I really came to appreciate my morning runs
  3. Talk to your loved ones often more often
  4. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and send a “cold” email for your dream job
  5. If something doesn’t feel right, change your attitude or quit it, it’s not worth the time
  6. Quitting isn’t failure, it just means you need to think about yourself first sometimes
  7. Cider is the best adult beverage
  8. A good red wine is a great thing, but box wine is still acceptable
  9. Be willing to do things that scare you, have faith sometimes
  10. I’m ready for seasons again, even winter
  11. Life will throw you curves and bends in the road, sometimes you try to correct it, sometimes you just lean into it and see where it takes you
  12. My cat is the best cat
  13. My brother is the best brother and I know he’ll be there for me
  14. I appreciate my dad so much, he has so much inner strength
  15. Keep moving forward and look for things that will make you happy
  16. Learning new things is fun
  17. I really like making crafts/working with my hands
  18. Running makes my life better
  19. Not every day feels sunny, but persevere and you’ll find the sunshine again
  20. Working a lot doesn’t equal success
  21. I may be developing a vinylmation problem
  22. I’m ready for a new adventure
  23. Garlic is a delicious, delicious thing
  24. I can’t say no to a cookie
  25. Safeway (our local grocery store chain) makes a delicious chocolate cake
  26. Wookie has been the best thing to happen to me this year <3


My 26th year has been… surprising. A year ago I would’ve never predicted the amount of life that played out this year. Some good, some bad, but I learned so much and I’ve grown by leaps and bounds. Now on to next year!

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