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Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend – Disneyland 10k

Hello again!

Time to get cracking on these races! So Friday was more expo and a little bit of park fun! I also got to see lots of people’s 5k medallions which looked so cool! Can’t wait to run my first ever 5k at Disneyland in January! I also enjoyed my first Cone-coction from the Cozy Cones and by far this is the best value meal on property. But I digress…

Did some flying Friday evening!

Saturday morning rolled around bright and early. I woke up at 4:00am and was out the door by 4:30 to meet up with friends at 4:45 in the gathering area.

Ready to rock!

 I was ready to sparkle! I met up with my friends we mingled for a bit and made a last minute port-a-potty stop before heading off to the corrals.

This year Disneyland split the 5k and 10k into separate days which helped a TON in making the morning feel more relaxed. It also make it much easier to get to the corrals. Also, for the Dumbo athletes they differentiated the corrals for the 10k versus the half which was really nice. Overall, really impressed with the changes that runDisney made to the 10k and Dumbo Double Dare experience.

We headed into the corrals and enjoyed listening to the banter of Charissa and Rudy as they got us all psyched to run through the parks and streets of Anaheim for 6.2 miles. I believe there was also a visit from Stitch too. The theme of the race was totally Stitch which made it pretty fun!

Since Stitch and Lilo both love Elvis, we had a rather rough singing of the National Anthem by an Elvis impersonator. It was… really, really rough to the point where I lost track of the number of key changes he made. Anyways, the anthem was sung and we were off with corral A!

I ran with my friend A for the 10k, I had talked him into doing the DDD again this year so we kept our paces in check and just chatted and enjoyed the course. We even stopped for a few pics!

Even at 6am, it was very humid out. Like sweating A LOT by the .5 mile mark humid. Luckily the clouds kept us covered for the race!

There were some of the normal character stops like Mater and Lightning McQueen in Carsland and then some streetmosphere like Elvises (Elvi? Elvis’s? You decided) as we entered the pier area. There were also some fun characters set up along the way!

Love the Pier all lit up! 

We’re running right down the middle of Main St USA…

This jail house rocked!

Do you think Mickey is making some cheese omelettes for breakfast?

The winning photo stop!

We had a lot of fun and overall the crowds weren’t too bad, granted we were in corral A. We came through the finish line and made our way over to get our wristband for the DDD and then grabbed water and made it to the gathering area in time to see some hula dancers. AWESOME!

Overall, very similar to last year but the bonus of moving the 5k to a different day really helped to keep everything and everyone calm. Really enjoyed myself!

Post race, I went back to the hotel and showered and then Wookie and I made our way to Disneyland to enjoy some early morning hours there. Most notably I finally got to sit on the porch on Main St! It was so relaxing to enjoy a breakfast sandwich and drink some coffee while watching everyone hurry into the park.

Hello world!

Next up: Disneyland Half and finishing up my Dumbo Double Dare double take!

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend – Half Marathon

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