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Frozen Attraction Coming to Norway (aka The Announcement I’ve Been Dreading…)

So I was originally going to finally write up my Disneyland Half/Dumbo Double Dare experience, but that’s going to have to wait because there was Disney news today. News that I’ve known was coming but dreaded its announcement and was hoping it would fade away into the obis like Beastly Kingdom and the Africa pavilion originally planned for Epcot.

Maelstrom is out and Frozen is in at the Norway pavilion in Epcot.
(Official Tom Staggs messaging here: ‘Frozen’ Attraction Coming to Epcot)

Not only is Norway getting a new ride but also a dedicated meet and greet for Anna and Elsa (my guess is it will go where the post show movie theater is now).
This is the first time I’ve really felt  a loss because a beloved, albeit dated, attraction is leaving. I love staring into the viking disco eye. I love reciting all the words. I love seeing the oil rig at the end. I will miss this attraction a lot and I wish that the Disney powers that be had instead decided to give this attraction the TLC it deserved AND still showcased Norway.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Frozen for the movie that it is. It has phenomenal music, great characters, and a solid/fairly original storyline, but does it really deserve real estate in Epcot?
Besides my own personal opinion (cough nostaglic love cough), here are some other reasons I think this is a strange move.

Arendelle is not in Norway
And for that matter, it isn’t even a real place. Are we going to raise an entire generation of WDW fans believing Arendelle is actually a city in Norway? The Norway pavilion is suppose to feature the country, the REAL country. The World Showcase pavilions were originally homages to the heritage, culture, and points of interest of each country. You were suppose to be excited by them and then want to go visit these countries for real. Arendelle is not a real place. It’s a fanciful kingdom that was based on Norwegian and other Scandinavian traditions and styles. I repeat, ARENEDELLE is not a REAL place in Norway!

Why so quick?
This is the other thing that being a child that grew up dreaming about a Little Mermaid attraction irks me a bit. Why did we have to wait so long for attractions that incorporate other popular Disney IP and this one is so quick?  If they believe this movie will stand the test of time, couldn’t they wait to do it right and put it in the Fantasyland forest with the rest of the castles. This movie deserves a true and planned out implementation in the parks, while right now I feel like they just keep slapping the characters all over property. Lion King has stood the test of time and still doesn’t have a “real” attraction (I do LOVE the Festival of Lion King for what it is). So why is Disney moving so quick to build? Money grab much?
These are just my quick thoughts, what are yours? Are you sad to see Maelstrom go? Are you over the moon for a Frozen attraction?
Let me know!

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