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Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend – Expo

So as I set up in my intro that I was actually on the other side of the expo this year which was actually pretty fun! I knew runDisney brought together a unique mix of runners but it was awesome seeing the “I’m not sure if I’ll finish he 5k” runners all the way up to the Ironmen. Disney really brings people together in a unique way.

I got to the expo bright and early to set up then left and came back and we welcomed the first people into the expo at 11:30am(Tip: If you are a person looking to buy merchandise, the expo apparently opens a half hour earlier than the posted time)

I spent most of Thursday manning the booth but got a break around 3:30 thanks to my most badass boss. I went and chilled at the ESPN Zone (first time here ever, pleasantly surprised) with Wookie and grabbed some grub and on the way snapped a quick pic with this goof ball.

The expo didn’t seem as manic this year as compared to last year. I wasn’t there for the merchandise frenzy that happened last year, but I heard about it, and that didn’t seem to happen. Was there a line to get merchandise early on? Yes, but I don’t think it was the flooded rush like last year.

Towards the end of the expo I went and picked up my own registration. I printed my waiver and got my stuff in a matter of minutes. It took all of 20 min. I also LOVE the shirts this year. Last year’s shirts were… augh, just bad. They didn’t fit well and the fabric was heavy and itchy. I wanted to love those shirts, but just couldn’t and they will end up in a fun art project soon, but this year’s shirts are awesome! I really love the material they’ve been using for the runDisney shirts this year!

One vendor that I made note of this year was Dr Cool, really awesome icing/first-aid wrap product, going to have to go find them online.

After the expo Wookie and I headed to Disney California Adventure (DCA) for a couple hours and I totally won on Toy Story Midway Mania. We watched a snippet of World of Color before making our way across to Disneyland to get in a couple rides and then call it a night (late night ride on Jungle Cruise, anyone?) 

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