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My New Fuel – Ignite Naturals Reload Review

So this post is LONG overdue. A while back I became an Ignite Naturals athlete and with that I decided to try some more of their awesome, natural products.

After a great marathon turned VERY rough because of some gastro-issues, I decided to make a change. I needed something that I could take with me on my runs that would give me carbs, electrolytes, and some calories but was free of things that would continue to upset my stomach. To date, I’ve been using GU religiously for all my long runs for about 4 years now. Gu was great 80% of the time, but then 20% of the time… no beuno. Those aren’t great odds.

So I decide to try out Ignite Naturals Reload gel. I originally was going to get the multi-pack to try out all the flavors but those were back ordered to I opted to try out the wildberry flavor. All or nothing, baby!

First off let me introduce you to Reload Energy Gel

Like all of their products is a NON GMO, vegan, gluten free, no preservative, no processed sugar way of getting energy. Sounds great right?!

I was trying out the wildberry which has a brown rice base and lots of delicious berry flavor.

Two things I look for in an energy gel are 1) it has some calories in it and 2) it has a good electrolyte balance. I tend to be a heavy, salty sweater so replacing those electrolytes are very important! This met both of my needs and this gel gets most of it’s electrolytes from potassium which is fine with this girl!

I’ve run with it now on multiple long runs (15+ miles) and I really love this gel!

Things I like about it:

Negatives? They are slightly larger than the size of Gu packets, but that isn’t really an issue for me since they still fit in my spibelt.

Really I can’t say enough about this product. I can’t wait to use it on my next 20 miler and at the San Francisco marathon in a month!

If you want to try out this or any of their other products you can use coupon code IN00250 to get 10% off!

Next review I’ll be sharing my experiences with IN Extreme Energy

Happy running all!

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