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Rocking My Bia AND My Disney Side!

Hey all!

So have you wanted to check out a Bia Sport watch? It’s a great new GPS enabled watch made by and awesome team (granted I’m biased) and I want to let you check it out!

My Bia!

I’ll be at Disneyland’s Rock Your Disney Side 24 hr event and I would love to show it off! I’m hoping to see how much of my day I can track. 

Ever wanted to see what your GPS track would look like when you ride Big Thunder Mountain or Matterhorn? I’m going to find out!

Ready to rock my Disney side AND my Bia!

Follow me on twitter @MouseRuns to find out where I’ll be! Hoping to take a break at the Grand Californian if you’d rather catch up outside the park!

You can find out more information about Bia here:

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