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This Princess Works Out!

After my Saturday run, I started thinking about running costumes (I really think about these all the time) which led me to start thinking, if the Disney Princesses did sports, what would they excel at?

If I were an artist I would bring these to life visually but you guys will just have to use your imaginations with my list!

Snow White – The original princess, since she’s good at zenning out thanks to the Evil Queen, I think meditation is in order for this princess. Her sport – Yoga! You know she’ll need some time to just be quiet when keeping house for seven little men!

Cinderella – She cleans, she keeps house, but it’s not until she’s dancing at the ball that she catches the eye of her man. She’s definitely a ballroom dancer! Waltzes, foxtrots, and tangos would be a part of her happy ending.

Aurora – Growing up in the woods with some nutty women would lead any teen looking for some alone time in nature. Aurora must be a world class hiker by this point with all her nature walks.

Ariel – This one is a no brainer, swimmer! Even though she is now bound to the dry land with her legs, you have to believe that she’d still enjoy being back in her element by swimming in the ocean!

Belle – She reads books, she’s very smart, and, oh yeah, her companion is her horse Phillipe! She’s got to be all about equestrian sports, maybe even some polo to mix it up, but she definitely enjoys going for a brisk ride with her buddy.

Jasmine – I feel like she is a jack of all trades type princess. She loves adventuring and exploring so I feel like she would enjoy trying any sport! However, I think she fell in love with flying on her magic carpet ride and thus would enjoy hang gliding. She can travel anywhere and get a bird’s eye view of any place with this form of transportation.

Pocahontas – She’s one with nature and can paint with the colors of the wind, but really we all wanted to be Pocahontas when she was canoeing just around the river bend with Meeko. She definitely is a world class canoer/kayaker since she doesn’t bat an eye at jumping off of a high waterfall.

Mulan – She kicks major butt and she’s already proven herself, so where would she go from here? Iron Man. Mulan would totally want to play with the boys and push herself to complete the most intense challenge. You go girl!

Tiana – She’s sassy and she knows what she wants from life. She doesn’t need to find a man to be happy and loves the strength she find within, so I think this princess would be happy sweating it up in a cross-fit class. She’s got to burn off all those beignets, right?

Rapunzel – She whips her hair back and forth like no one’s business but I think this girl has some major ninja skills. I think she’d find her way to a karate class to learn how to get the biggest punch from her petite frame.

Merida – This one is a no brainer – she’s totally a archer! I think she might even kick it up a notch and do a pentathlon! Riding horses, shooting things, being totally awesome – she’d be into it!

Anna – Now that Anna has started spending time with a rugged mountain man, I think she would start rock climbing. With ice picks, a fearless attitude, and an appetite for adventure, this sport is totally up her alley.

Elsa – She can shoot ice anywhere, I think she’d love running around and doing parkour! She could create stairs and slides wherever she wants, how fun would that be? If she wants to test a flip, let’s create a nice soft snow bank to land in! When she’s not shooting ice though, I think Queen Elsa would enjoy being alone and letting everything go on a quiet distance run alone.

That’s my take, what do you think?

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