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runDisney Updates!

Hi all!

So runDisney has been busy this week! They enacted a policy for packet pick-up and then modified it. A new race was opened and then promptly sold out so here we go!

1. runDisney New Packet Pick-Up Policy

runDisney announced last week that the policy for packet pick-up for all races going forward was changing. No longer could you give a friend or family member your information to pick-up your packet for you, but rather you actually have to pick-up your own race bib and shirts. There are a lot of things that I think have spurred this change.

Mostly, I think it is to cut down on bib transfers. runDisney does not support the transfer of bibs between runners, if a runner cannot race they can defer to the next year or they can be a no show. No refunds and no transfers are allowed. When people are running with the wrong bib this can be a hazard if the runner has an issue and Disney doesn’t know who they are, especially if they are so incapacitated they can’t speak.

So runDisney announce the change and then the community blew up! People had arranged travel under the pretense that someone they know could pick-up their bib for races that they had already registered. Sooo… Disney changed it to only apply be for races going forward. The first race that will be affected by this is the Avenger’s Super Hero Half Marathon, which brings me to my next topic!

Official blog post on ther runDisney policy change:

2. Avenger’s Super Hero Half Marathon Opens!

… and then promptly fills in 2 hours. Yep, another registration has opened and then filled in the blink of an eye. 5k sold out in ~25 minutes and the Half sold out in ~2 hr, crazy! Hope everyone got in that wanted to run, I know this girl did! See you Super Hero’s for the Half!

So that’s it for this week!

What are your thoughts on the new packet pick-up policy? Did you get into the new race? Let me know!

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