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My Dos and Don’ts for Costumed Running

  1. If you aren’t sure it will be comfortable, take it for a practice run – For me I can put up with anything for a 5k, halfs I get a bit more picky, but marathons that’s where I draw the line. Gauge where you are as a runner and realize that you need to save your mental stamina for the RACE not putting up with your costume. Choose your battles runners!
  2. Remember the base layer – You need to be comfortable underneath it all. Make sure you know what fabrics your skin likes and what tends to chafe it. For me and my sensitive skin, it gets hard sometimes. My base layer of choice for most costumes, sports bra and bike shorts and I try to keep fabrics light.
  3. Keep it fun! – You aren’t dressing up for “them” you are dressing up for you (most of the time) so have fun and enjoy YOUR day!
  4. Nervous Race Morning? – If you wake up with some jitters, don’t feel bad just wearing “normal” running clothes. I’ve done this before. If you are planning an elaborate outfit make sure to have a back up just in case. Hopefully, your back up has a fun skirt or top so it’ll still feel special.
  5. Themed race? You don’t have to be on theme! – Wear what you want to wear! I’m planning to be a “cool cat” at the RnR SF race. Will anyone care at that race? No. Would it make more sense to wear a RnR t-shirt? Probably. Do I care? Nope :) There’s another running blogger who loves going on theme!
So here’s to more fun races ahead!
Happy running!

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