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WDW 10k

After the 5k I made sure to take it easy. I went with my parents to Magic Kingdom for a couple hours but the rain kept us moving slowly. It was also surprisingly crowded so after a couple hours we were all okay with calling it a day. We decided to hop over to the Polynesian for dinner at Captain Cook’s (one of my favorites since I get to pretend I’m staying at the Poly) and then called it a night.

I was doing the 10k with my dad (his first 10k) and since my nerves were still getting to me about this whole Dopey business, my dad and I decided the night before to run our own races. This also meant that I would have plenty of time to spare to take pictures with characters.

This past year I was a part of the WDW Radio Running team (mostly in name only since I didn’t go to any events) and raised money for Make-A-Wish. At work I was able to raise money through a costume contest. They put in different costumes, voted for the top 5 and I vowed to wear the top money raiser for the race that corresponded to the amount raised. I was able to raised $175 so that meant I was dressing up as Tetra from Zelda for the 10k! With everything ready for the 10k, it was time to hit the hay.

I woke up around 3:15, got dressed, had my peanut butter toast and coffee, and then it was time to leave. I think we left our hotel around 4. We arrived with plenty of time and the weather wasn’t too bad. A little hot with some drizzle but nothing I couldn’t put up with for 6.2 miles. My dad and I milled around for a bit, I met up with another Dopey friend, and then it was off to our respective corrals. To B I go!

Dad and me before the race!

The race once again started with a moment of silence for
Boston, the singing of the National Anthem, and more puffs of fireworks! I
crossed the start line around 5:40 and out onto the roads we go. It was pretty
boring for the first 3 miles. Just the regular roads in front of Epcot and one
character stop with Peter Pan and Wendy (heard this rotated to Smee and Hook
though). Once we passed mile marker 3 we were headed into the parks. Finally!

In the Norway/Mexico gate and around World showcase we go!
Here were the character stops!

So sad this came out blurry!

Running through the Boardwalk area was really fun and then back into the park for basically the same finish as the 5k. For us Dopey-ers this was old hat by this point.Well not really, but I had run this course 4 times by now, so it was very familiar to me!

Back through Future World, around the front plaza, back through backstage, and out to the parking lot for the finish. Grabbed my medal (one of my favorites!), grabbed my Dopey band easily, got my snack box, and waited for my dad to come in. This was a great run, I wish there was more in park time but overall my dad and I finished strong and enjoyed yet another drizzly morning.



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