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Time for Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell Weekend

So back in April? March? I’m not sure when but it was
after I signed up for Dopey, the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend announced
they were adding a 10k. I thought this was great and I had a friend down in So
Cal who I thought I could rope into doing it with me. Then since I was already
going all that way, why not just run the half too? The week after Dopey, that
should be okay right?
So before I knew it I was signed up to run 48.6+19.3
Disney miles in a week and a half. What a way to kick off 2014! I arrived home
from WDW on Wednesday morning, went to work Wednesday and Thursday, and then
packed up the car for my pixie dust and wing filled weekend! I went for a “test
run” on Thursday and my legs were feeling good, still slightly fatigued, but
felt good.
I hit the road Friday morning, and got to Disneyland
Resort area around 2:30. I was staying at the Best Western Courtesy Inn, which
is on the north side of DLR just behind the Mickey and Friends Parking
Garage.  I checked in and then decided
just to hang out until my friend was off work and then we could go to packet
pick up together. Around 5 though I started getting antsy so I texted her, but
to my luck she was only 15 min away. Huzzah!
I met her at the Mickey and Friends Parking Garage and
then we walked over to the Disneyland Hotel for the expo!
So it’s hard not to compare WDW and DLR races. Both have
their pluses and minuses but WDW wins when it comes to expos. WDW just has the “blessing
of size” while DLR crams a lot into a very small space. Since we went later in
the day we had little to know wait for our bibs.  I got my Coast to Coast wrist band and we were
on our way with bibs in hand. It was time to head up into the ballroom/convention
space where they were hosting the expo.
This was set up exactly like the DLR Half Marathon. You
entered and got your shirts and gear bag all the way on the right side of where
you entered, there are vendors in the middle, the speaker series takes up the
left side of the middle, and then the official race merchandise was all the way
to the left. We got our shirts and gear quickly, my friend picked up a running
belt, and then we went and checked out the official race merchandise. I got a
shirt and a hat, but overall by the time we got there, the merchandise was
By this point it was 6:30 or 7 and so we grabbed dinner
at Earl of Sandwich (mmm… Holiday Turkey Sandwich) and walked back to the hotel
to call it a night. We had an early wake-up call for the 6am 10k start time!

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