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The Road To WDW

So, you know that snow vortex? Yeah… I was suppose to fly of out SFO to JFK on Tuesday night and then arrive in Orlando at 8:30am Wednesday morning however my flight to JFK got delayed and there was no sure way I’d be able to transfer so instead I rebooked a flight for Wednesday morning and would get me to Orlando my 5:30. I was meeting my parents in Florida so I had sent them my packet pick-up information just in case something like this happened.

So Wednesday morning I was on my way. After a layover in Miami, I arrived ready to go in Orlando. Up to this point I had had a lingering cold but was hoping it would just go away. I was here and nothing was going to stand in the way of my races!

My parents had already gotten my race packet and shirts but since I still had some time to run to the expo to pick up my Raw Threads pre-ordered items and get any Dopey merchandise (if any was left) I decided to do that. I got my rental car and got to the expo around 7 so I had an hour to see what I wanted to before closing.

I picked up my tanks from Raw Threads (I LOVE this brand, their stuff is soooo soft and sooo comfortable!) and got pins, a coffee mug, the Dopey necklace, and one of the last women’s cut “I DID IT!” Dopey shirts. I suppressed my normal superstition of buying this shirt before the race because I didn’t want to not get it. I made sure to put it in the back of the drawer when I got to the hotel, out of sight and out of mind.

The layout was a little different for the expo this year and some of the vendors were in the outdoor areas around the stadium. It was still really crowded in the expo though since a lot of the sponsor vendors had what I call “premium” booths with lots of space and displays. Champion and New Balance both had booths like this. They were very impressive.

After all this I finally made it to the Marriott where my parents were and tried to sleep before my first race and relax.

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