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The Dopey Experience – In Review

The Dopey Experience

So I answered this in my intro but after a week, I think my feelings have changed a bit.

Would I do it again? Would I run 4 days in a row and complete 48.6 miles?

Yes, I would do it again. Will I do it next year? Verdict is still out on that. I think I might do it next year. I’d say I’m about 75% bought into the idea of running it again next year. I’m anxious to see what the cost is though. Historically they have been raising the price of each race by ~$10 bucks a year so that means the Dopey Challenge would have a starting price of $535, yeesh!

I have a friend who wants to come and run it, so running it with her would be super fun. Only time will tell if I will continue to do it beyond that. I really like the idea of doing the 10k and the marathon, but then I feel like I’m just leaving a bonus medal by not doing the half and completing the Goofy challenge, and then really what is adding the 5k the day before? Maybe I will just go back to doing “only” the Goofy. Really doing all four races means less sleep and less time for fun in the parks. The training I’ve proven I can do and I would love to run this again to see if I can shave off some time.

These are all thoughts that I’ll tease out over the next few weeks before April 22nd when registration opens for WDW Marathon Weekend 2015. (Mark your calendars!)

Until then, I’ll just bask in the glow of the medals and enjoy this accomplishment as one of the 6,100 finishers of the inaugural Dopey Challenge. It’s a race I’ll always remember.


  • Lots of bling!
  • Feeling completely awesome, “yeah, I ran 48.6 miles, no biggie” 😛
  • Just great races and great camaraderie
  • You get to see lots of characters! (I probably got pictures with at least 8 new characters)


  • Expensive (I could sign up for 4-5 local halfs for the cost of this one weekend)
  • It’s very early wake-ups for lots of days and leads to lots of race anxiety for that time too = a bit Grumpy
  • I was completely exhausted after my vacation

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  1. Denise at Healthy Disney Family

    Congrats, Katherine! Dopey is such an amazing accomplishment!!! The reality is setting in for me that it's just 4 months away and I've had some of those "What did I get myself into?" thoughts. Reading your post (and knowing you're signed up again!) helps! Thanks 🙂

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