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Post WDW Half Marathon

Post Walt Disney World Half Marathon

After the half I tried to sleep but it wasn’t quite working,
I just couldn’t power down. So instead I just relaxed in bed with my feet up. I
wanted to go back to the Expo to pick up a few things and I had a friend who
was running the marathon with me who needed to pick up his stuff so I decided
to head out and get some stuff done.
Saturday was so nice at the expo, it was still a bit crowded
but not nearly as bad as it has been in the past.  The thing I really wanted to get was my first
ever Sparkle Skirt to wear with my new Dopey tank from Raw Threads for the
Marathon. I just love these 2 companies. Raw Threads makes ridiculously soft
apparel which is perfect for my sensitive skin. I just love their stuff. I
really can’t say enough!
After getting my skirt, I then looped around the other
vendors to see what was what. I didn’t end up buying anything else, I was
trying to be good and not blow all my money. J
Then I got a call from my friend saying he had arrived so I
went with him to get his race stuff and get his shirt. We made another lap
around the expo but he wasn’t really interested in buying anything, so it was
time for some park touring.
Originally, I had said I wanted to go to Hollywood Studios
because it’s a smaller park which means less walking, but because I passed the
exit, we went to Epcot instead. We rode Nemo, Journey Into Your Imagination,
Spaceship Earth, Grande Fiesta Tour, Maelstrom, and finally Ellen’s Energy
Adventure. After getting off of Ellen’s Energy Adventure (where we were all
falling asleep, sorry Ellen) we decided to call it a day.
We dropped my friend off at his hotel and then made our way
back to our hotel. I put my compression socks on (love my 2XU socks), made
dinner, and was laying out my clothes and getting into bed around… 7:30. I was
exhausted. I ended up falling asleep around 9, completely jazzed for the final
race and my 3 am wake up call!

One more race! One more race! One more race!

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