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Post WDW 10k

Post Walt Disney World 10k

After the 10k, I started to feel pretty crummy. The lack of
sleep and all the excitement was getting to me. I also had a cold that started
creeping up on me (runny nose and some sneezing) but it was starting to come on
a bit stronger. I still was not really admitting to myself that I was starting
to get sick because for me that meant defeat.  If I’m not sick I can still run, thus I’m not
sick. I was also having some gastric distress and I was getting nervous about
running a half marathon which is a distance I’ve run a dozen times and usually
isn’t an issue. 
Friday was also the day of some meet ups which I wasn’t
missing this year. So I went back to the hotel after the 10k, showered, and
then napped to try to take care of myself a bit. Around noon, I started pulling
myself together for a meet I thought started at 1pm. I set out to the Beach
Club to meet up with the Mickey Miles Podcast crew but when I got there, no one
was there. What’s going on? I checked my phone again for the FB event and the
event was still set to PST so it actually started at 4pm EST.  Augh! Instead of being 20 min late to the
meet, I was 2:40 early! Oh well, there are worse things in life.
I decided to just mosey around Crescent Lake. I stopped at
Beach Club, checked out the gift shop and just relaxed for a bit and then
continued to do this at each resort as I went around the lake. I stopped for
lunch at the Boardwalk Bakery which was good, but nothing to write home about.
I also met some very aggressive seagulls over on the Boardwalk side.
After wandering around for 2 hours I was back at the Beach
Club and decided it was time to admit defeat to being sick and buy some
medicine. With some decongestant and coffee in me, it was time to meet up with
the Mickey Miles Podcast which was a lot of fun! Lots of great people and lots
of inspiring runners. I got to me Michelle, one of the hosts, Eddie McCoy
runner extraordinaire, and many other listeners. Lots of fun and so glad I
went! I stayed and chatter for about 2 hours and at 6 it was time to go back to
the hotel, make some dinner, and relax with some compression socks on.
I cooked up some ground turkey and pasta, ate to my heart’s
content, and then decided it was time to get some meds to make sure I could get
through the race. I grabbed some medicine and some seltzer water (I’m obsessed
with seltzer water right now!) at the CVS down the road and then it was time to
call it a night. I laid out my Anna costume for the next day and got into bed
and tried to sleep around 10pm.

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