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Post Tinker Bell 10k – Let’s Play at the Parks!

After the 10k, we went back to the hotel, showered, and then it was time to head to Storyteller’s Café for a well-deserved meal. This restaurant is at the Grand Californian and has a nice spread. It isn’t anything too fancy, but it’s a decent spread of good food and hit the spot. Then it was time to stop by and say hey to some friends at the Mickey Miles Podcast Meet Up. I’ve never really been a part of a running team, but I’m starting to like it a bit more. I just need to sign-up officially!


We then used the Grand Californian’s entrance to DCA, popped in, checked FP for Radiator Springs Racers. The fastpasses were gone for the day, so we decided to head across the esplanade to Disneyland!

We grabbed FP for Indy and then went on a few rides. It was a very crowded weekend at the parks. We wanted to make a show of Aladdin but Indy kept going down and we were nervous we weren’t going to be able to use our Fastpasses in time to head over to DCA for the show. Since our fastpass time was now available but the attraction was still down, we decided we wanted to sit for a while and so we went and watched the Tiki birds sing. Love this show!

When we exited the Tiki Room and  Indy was back online, hooray! We hopped in line, rode Indy and then headed back to DCA to see Aladdin. This is a great show, if you haven’t seen it, make time to see it. Now that Disney is taking Aladdin to a full broadway show, I’m interested to see what they borrow from this adaptation.  After the show, it was getting chilly, it was also getting close to 6 and we were both pretty tired. So we began our search for food. I really need to plan ahead next time for this.

We went to Downtown Disney but for some reason I was being particularly indecisive about what I should/wanted to eat before the half the next day. I tend to get a little fussy about my meal before races so this is nothing new, but normally I plan ahead instead of wandering around like a nomad. We grabbed some food from the grab and go area of Grand Californian and then all I wanted to do was to get away from the crowds and go sit down in the room, so we took our food back to our hotel.

We then chatted, ate, and watched TV until about 8/9 when it was time to call it a night. My friend lives in the area so she headed back to her apartment. I think I was sound asleep by 9.  I was very tired but ready to race!

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