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Hi all!

Sorry to keep you hanging, it’s been a crazy week. Lots of fun, lots of running, and lots of great memories! I’m still basking in the glow of all the endorphins and medals.

So before I get into the nitty-gritty day by day, here is my performance in broad strokes.

Total time 8hr 57min 12sec

Woot woot! All under 16 min mile paces! Not my fastest races but they all had negative splits so I might be getting the hang of this distance running thing.

It’s amazing to think that in 2011 I ran my first marathon this weekend and now I’ve run the Dopey Challenge and continue to run. So will I run it again? Yes. Next year? Probably not, only if I can find a friend with a similar pace to do the races with me. Like my training runs, it can get lonely spending nearly 9 hours running.

The hardest part: Waking up super early 4 days in a row.
The best part: I have never been prouder of a race accomplishment and never worn a medal with more pride.
The most fun: Getting a pic with Dopey at mile 24/46.6!

I did have a blast though, as always runDisney put on a great race.. err… races!

Race by race is coming up!

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