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Happy New Year!

Countdown is done, here comes a new year of fun!

Last year was quite the year. Lots of personal trials and learned a lot about myself. I guess that’s just what being in your 20’s is about. When I had my birthday a little over a month ago, I felt like this next year was my year. 2013 was filled with stress but I feel like 2014, while I’m sure it will come with it’s share of stress, will also be a year of growth and change. I can’t describe it, I just have this gut feeling. Here’s to hoping my gut is right!

So while last year was trying let’s countdown some of the best things!

1. Completing my first Goofy!

So I have this problem with not celebrating a lot at the end of races. I always feel like I can do better and so it’s constantly chasing the next race. Don’t get me wrong, I see the accomplishment in every race but sometimes I just feel like I could do better.

Goofy was different. I did this and I got emotional collecting my Goofy medal and finishing the “unofficial” Dopey Challenge in 2013. Goofy was a success in my first running because I took the half nice and slow and left plenty of juice in the tank for the full. It was fun! Here’s to hoping Dopey treats me well!

2. Setting a New Half Marathon PR

At the beginning of the year I set the goal of completing a sub-1:45 half. I ran 2 1:46 halfs in a row, a bit disappointed that I was that close to my goal. Then at the Disneyland Half, the stars aligned and I ran a 1:44:46! My dreams came true because I had the courage to pursue them, just like Walt said. It was a great run and was also the last leg of the Dumbo Double Dare. For anyone who says you can’t set a PR at a Disney race, they are wrong. If you commit to it, you can!

3. Setting a New Marathon PR

So after the events at the Boston Marathon this year, I decided, I’m going for it. I’m going to train and by 2017 I want to qualify for (and hopefully run) the Boston Marathon. So in that pursuit I set a goal of running a 3:50 marathon.  This was a stretch goal since my marathon in 2012 was 3:59:22. I was accepted into the Nike Women’s Marathon and so there it was my chance! While I didn’t meet my goal, I ran a great race and finished in 3:51:04, so close but I ran this on the hills of SF and on a very crowded course so I’ll take it. I ran a good race, I’ll chance my next goal this year!

4. Running My First Disneyland Race

I love running at Disneyland! So fun! That is all on this one. So happy I got to run at the happiest place on earth!

This year was filled with so many fun races and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for me!

Happy New Year!

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