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4 Days Until Dopey!

*4 Days Until Dopey!*

Just 4 days until we are toeing the start line! Woo hoo!

Today is a quote that I found really inspiring before running my first marathon.
I was really nervous going into my first marathon, but reading this put it all into perspective. I had had the courage to sign-up and train hard. There were a lot of nerves (as there always is) and I kept thinking “Who runs a marathon? This is insane!” but I kept this in mind. I kept the start line as my next milestone.

Marathon milestones:
1. Sign-up
2. Train
3. Get to the start line and start the race
4. Keep going
5. Still keep going
6. Am I still going? Yes!
7. Wow, I’m still going! I’m going to do this!
8. I’m doing this!
9. I did it! Where’s my medal?!

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