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3 Days Until Dopey!

*3 Days Until Dopey!*

Just 3 day! Final packing is commencing and I’m getting all my costumes packed and my papers in order. So excited!

The weather has me a little nervous but as long as the thunderstorms don’t get in the way of finishing, I should be fine. Looks like it’s going to be a little warm again this year.

Now that we have some weather information. Time to finish packing and as we all finish our packing…

I try to keep it simple for race day but for the half/full marathon the following things are key for me:
iPod + playlist that corresponds to pace/park arrivals :)
GPS watch (how many miles did I just run?)
Deodorant (I basically use this as bodyglide)
Running shoes
Running belt
Starbursts for pre-race/corral snack
Race Bib

Those are the bigs ones for me! What do you need on race day?

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