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Did I Make it to the Breakers?

Hello all!

Sorry to leave you hanging, my life has been mucho busy lately (work, moving, running, and then a trip to Disneyland!) so I’m finally getting around to my Bay to Breakers re-cap. Up, up and away we go!

So the week leading up to Bay to Breakers was crazy. Work was super busy, plus I was arranging my move since I had to be out my Monday (the day after the race) and I got sick on top of it all. Crazy busy and exhausting. So as the weekend neared, I was getting nervous about not making it to the start line. I went to the expo just to get my stuff and check out the vendors, and it was well run. They ran out of shirts in my size so I ended up getting a smaller size that I’ll probably take a pair of scissors to. Even though I went and got my race number I still was feeling exhausted and a 3:45am wake up call felt very, very, very early.

The should I or shouldn’t I debate continued, I was thinking about skipping but I had paid for it, prepared for it, and had practiced my costume so come what may, I made it to the start line!

Princess Merida after some royal preparation at 5am.

Rocking my new New Balance Minimus shoes!

So I think this was the earliest I had ever woken up to prepare. Curling my hair took a good amount of time so I woke up WAY earlier than normal for the start time. Oh well, it was totally worth it! A few people knew who I was but I can’t wait to rock this costume at my next runDisney race at DLR! 

I caught the shuttle to the start line and everything was very smooth. There was some corral confusion but all in all it went very well.

Start line, check out all the costumes!

Ready to run!

So this was a fun race. I didn’t get seeded into the right corral because my pace group filled by the time I signed up so the first half of the race was very slow with lots of darting and weaving. (Note to self: sign up earlier next year) But it was fun to see all the costumes (or lack of costumes, there were some 100% bare runners, but that is one of the things this race is known for).

I saw everything from super heroes to a school of fish. There were houses along the route blasting techno and party music. It really is a great day of fun for the city of SF!

I came in around 1:05 for the 12k race and that’s when I made it to the breakers! Beautiful!

The post race transportation was a bit of a mess and it definitely showed the weakness of the event. This event went from a small race to a HUGE race very fast and this is where it showed the most.

I had heard from others that they thought the race wasn’t as fun as previous years and maybe that’s increase security or size or a mixture of both. Comparing it to the usual race though, it’s in a league of it’s own. In my costume I felt very tame compared to the stuff I saw around me. Really fun and definitely glad I made it to the start line.



Coming later this week, took a break from running to go kick off a Monstrous summer in Disneyland!

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