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Why I’m Blogging? Well, I Might Be a Little Dopey!

Hello Fellow Runners/Disney Fans/runDisney fans!

I’m back to blogging. Why? Well read on and you’ll see.

This past Tuesday registration opened for the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. I had been anticipating this event for a while, so much so, that I had convinced myself that actually Monday, not Tuesday was registration day and it wasn’t until I woke up early (I’m on the west coast so registration opens at 9am here) to get to work to be sure that I was there before 9 (I work in a start-up environment so the day starts a little later) to make sure I was there to sign up.

I woke up, went to the runDisney website, and then saw April 9th, not 8th…. augh. Another day of waiting and hoping that the races won’t sell out too fast.

Why was I so excited? Because I wanted to go Dopey in the inaugural race year! 2014 will be my 4th year running in the WDW Marathon weekend. In 2011 it was my first marathon ever, in 2012 I went back for the 5k with the parents and again finished the marathon, and in 2013 I went unofficially Dopey running all the events that weekend. So what’s another morning and another 6.25 miles going to hurt, right? Time will only tell.

Well, I want to chronicle the road to the 48.6 happiest miles and those 6 blinged out medals, which I heard they are redesigning them all this year! ( ) My inner, Disney feminist is excited too that Minnie is once again getting her own medal! There was a 15k where she was the leading lady but it was discontinued awhile ago.

Some other reasons you’ll want to read:
-I’ll participate in other races in California throughout the year (Right now I’m looking at completing 2-3 more halfs this year and a full in the fall) and you’ll get to hear about the good, bad and ugly of those races, my personal performance and training.
-I’ll go back and chronicle my experience last year at the WDW Marathon weekend and also give tips on how to manage crowds. I also might go WAY back and chronicle the other WDW race weekends since I’ve participated in all of them except the Everest Challenge.
-I’ll let you know all about the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare which will be my first Disneyland race and my first attempt at the Coast to Coast medal!
-I’ll also sprinkle in some information of what’s going on at the parks since I am a Disney Parks Fan first!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you real soon!

Faith, trust, and pixie dust!

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