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San Francisco Second Half Marathon

Hello runners!

It’s been a while since I last posted but I’m ready to write!  Last week I ran the San Francisco Second Half Marathon!  This was part of the Wipro San Francisco Marathon events which included a marathon, 2 half marathons (1 on each half of the marathon route), a 5k, and a Worth the Hurt (I believe this was 52.4 miles).   A lot of running for one morning!

I chose to do the 2nd Half Marathon for my first big city event.  I had only moved out here 2 months ago so I couldn’t get revved up for the full marathon but was ready to race in my new home!  And race I did.

So the gist of this race is that we meet up with the full marathon in Golden Gate park and run to the finish line over on the Bay side of San Francisco.

Here’s the map

So on Sunday July 29, 2012 I jumped in my car and drove into the city.  So here’s where the real review begins.

First, if you are running these events, parking is difficult.  It’s not provided so plan to drive around for a bit to find a spot.  For the 2nd Half a lot of the parking is taken by Full and 1st Half participants who start their race at 5:30.  So after driving around, I made my way to the shuttle bus that will take me to the starting line.   Since the 1st half ends and the 2nd half begins on the other side for San Francisco from where the finish line is, they provide shuttle buses.  After waiting a really, really, really long time to get on a bus I was on my way.  My wave was set to go off at 8:23 and I got on a bus around 7:30.  So maybe I’m just use to RunDisney events where you have to be there at least an hour before hand but I was starting to get nervous.  Yes, I should’ve given my self more time.  We got there and off the bus around 7:50ish and then began the waiting again to use the restroom.  Holy smokes they needed more bathrooms at our start line. I had dropped my bag off, taken care of business, and gotten to my corral by 8:15.  It was just enough time to stretch and warm up a little bit since it was a misty, foggy, chilly morning.

3… 2… 1… and we’re off.  The beginning of the race is beautiful because it runs through the park.  Then you run through the city and end the race in Embarcadero.  It’s not to hilly (I’ve heard the first half has all the fun hills) and pretty scenic.   It was pretty good overall.  Since you meet up with the tired marathoners right as you are getting going, it caused me to dart and weave a lot. I PR’ed with a time of 1:51:11 which was awesome!

Now I’ll sum up the good and bad…

The Good:

  • Nice course
  • Free beer at the end
  • Fun city run
  • Really good after race vendors (I have 3 nice servings of Peet’s Coffee now!)
  • I tweeted at Bart Yasso who was running the full marathon and he tweeted back to me!

The Bad:

  • Starting the race when a lot of marathoners are slowing down and having to get around them – makes for an interesting race dynamic
  • Not enough porto-potties
  • The bussing and parking were a little stressful
  • Waiting 40 min to get my sweats bag at the end since they had grouped them by finishing time

So that’s about it!  Thanks for reading!

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