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Hitting the Hills

Hello Runners!

So things are getting exciting!  It’s almost September and that means 2 races are on the horizon for me!  First the Giants Half Marathon in San Francisco and then I’m flying to Walt Disney World for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler!  Just got my Magical Express info in the mail yesterday so it’s becoming real!

So on to this week’s topic… Hills!

I use to run hills all the time when I was in school at Syracuse (I couldn’t avoid them) but then moved to Florida (aka flat as a pancake) and got out of the habit of running hills.  In general, I don’t like hills, they kill me.  I would avoid them at all costs.  I got very good at planning my running routes.  However, I am now a convert.

So I moved to the Bay Area and there are hills everywhere but I would normally chicken out and would avoid them.  That is until I started running with some co-workers and we would run The Dish near Stanford.  This is a doozie.  It’s only a 3.5 mile loop but the hills are killer.  I started running this and all other hills got easier and my times got faster and easier.  Now I do at least one hill run a week.  I believe fully inthe quote “Hills are a poor man’s weight-lifting”. They are awesome.  They still kill me but no pain, no gain, right?

So for all of you like me that hate hills, try them and they will help you meet your goals!  Plus, the view from the top is priceless!

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