The Runner

Hi I'm Katherine!

I've been active most of my life and picked up running during college and I've been running consistently for 5+ years now. My original goal was to run the WDW Marathon in 2011 so I could see some cool backstage areas and well, I never stopped pounding the pavement. I'm not excessively speedy but I make progress and just keep moving forward. It's just one foot in front of the other.

Every runner has a story about what they discovered about themselves when they began their running journey. For me, I was finally able to tame that nagging beast that came from a lifetime of body image issues and eating disorders. Running makes me feel powerful. Running makes me feel alive. Running makes my body feel like a machine that I need to tune and feed, not belittle and starve. I found a powerful magic through running that I hope every person finds their own inner magic!

I'm a runner that's all about inclusiveness and trying to give back. I love the running community and love chatting with runners on and offline! There is a common bond no matter the distance and no matter the pace. It's the same struggle because, well here's the secret, running is a relative sport. The person who is tackling their first 5k is facing the same self-doubt and hurdles as a veteran runner facing their first 100 miler. Every time I step up to that marathon line, there is always a mixture of excitement and anticipation because every run is different. And that's why we do it. Every run is different. We learn new things, we test new boundaries, and we just keep moving foward and continue to grow that light of magic within ourselves.

Here's the secret - you are magical and I want to celebrate that magic everyday!

I hope you enjoy my little blog here and that I get to meet you at a race real soon!

Warmest regards,