Final event details!

For anyone joining out little adventure party we will be meeting at the first bag check entrance (the entrance to last name A-?) at 5am! We'll mingle, grab a quick pic and we'll all be on our way in time for our adventure! See you there!

We are assembling a ragtag team of skippers to chart the... err... uncharted route of the WDW 5k (well technically it's very well charted but you get the picture).


To be an adventurer you shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Be registered to run the WDW 5k on 1/7/2016 at 6am (Official meet up TBD)
  2. Have the heart (and wit) of an adventurer!
  3. Be able to outfit yourself as an adventurer or other Jungle Cruise themed character and want to meet some other amazing people!

This is an open group costume that welcomes ALL who want to brave 3.1 miles through Epcot on a chilly January morning while sporting their finest khaki and adventuring headwear. You will be responsible for outfitting yourself for the adventure ahead. Come meet the group, take a picture, and make a new runner friend!

Don't feel that you have the heart of a skipper? We will also need elephants, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, giraffes... well you get the picture.

Be sure to follow the official Twitter to get the latest information!

On Twitter at @WDWJungle5k and join the FB event!


And to get you started...

Costume Inspiration Station

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Stay in the know via your electronic mail!

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Your official adventurer name!