This Week (6/9-6/15)

What a week it's been... but time to look forward and move on to the next week! I did get in some good running though!

  • Monday - Rest Day - really took it easy, only did my commute biking
  • Tuesday - 5 Miles - I was feeling a little burned out but this run was a great way to start the day!
  • Wednesday - Rest Day - Impromptu rest day! Woke up a little sniffly and just feeling exhausted so I needed to take it easy
  • Thursday - 5 Miles - My rest day was just wanted I needed because I jumped back in and felt great!
  • Friday - 6 Miles - Felt really great! Just tried to use it as a release from the week. The world looked really nice and rosy on this particular Friday!
  • Saturday - 10 Miles - A solid 10 miles. Felt really good and it was a great way to prepare for deep, fried deliciousness that would be found at the county fair!
  • Sunday - 14.5 Miles - Felt pretty good for the first 10 and then started getting tired but overall a pretty good run.
Total Miles: 30.5 Miles

Getting revved up for a better week!

This Week (6/2-6/8)

This week was a little crazy but a lot of awesome! Things are finally settling down after the catharsis of last week/weekend, however, I ran more days than expected.

Also, whoever put National Running Day and National Donut Day in the same week is both a genius and super ironic but I love it!

  • Monday - 2 Miles - These were easy intermittent miles, this realy should've been a rest day but needed to get some more testing in!
  • Tuesday - 4.5 Miles - Easy fun miles out to the bay!
  • Wednesday - 3.25 Miles - National Running Day! I couldn't NOT run on this day!
  • Thursday - Rest - Finally!
  • Friday - 3.5 Miles - I probably should've taken another rest day but my legs were antsy! Also, needed to log some miles to make room for my free donut!
  • Saturday - 9 Miles - Played a little #runchathunt and felt great!
  • Sunday - 17 Miles - It was suppose to be 18 but it was so HOT here. I'm proud of the miles I did run though basically I wanted to just go home at every mile I got too. It was not a good run.
Hope next week's runs are better! This week was CRAY-ZY! Proud of the miles I logged but frustrated with how crazy I tackled them.

Happy running all!

This Week (5/12-5/18)

What a week! Work was super busy and I was in my feet constantly for 3 days which was great but my calves are feeling it. My schedule dictated my runs a bit this week, between being exhausted and having to do some testing, I was on Bia time!

This week:

  • Monday: Rest Day - was on my feet all day at work coordinating the packing effort.
  • Tuesday: 3+2.4+2.2 - this was a day full of tear runs to triple check the new updates for the watches!
  • Wednesday: Rest Day - woke up with allergies or the start of a cold so didn't go for a run but was on my feet all day again at work.
  • Thursday: Rest Day - still exhausted, woke up and my calves and feet felt like I had run a marathon the day before thanks to all the walking around at work!
  • Friday: 5 easy miles - still teetering on a cold but since it hadn't snowballed yet figured a run might make me feel a bit better! It did!
  • Saturday: 3 miles - Ran to the track, did 2 3:25 800's and ran home. How do other 20 year olds work off the effects of Friday night fun? I also spent the day hanging out with friends and checking out Alcatraz!
  • Sunday: 12 miles - I really wasn't feeling it all day. I think I was dehydrated and tired. But then around 4 I finally got in my run! I also got to finish my week with #runchat on twitter which is probably my favorite thing I do each Sunday. Great people and very motivating!

Total Mileage: 27.6

It wasn't a perfect week but I got in my running and still allowed life to happen and that's what it's all about folks!

This Week (5/5-5/11)

This has been a pretty productive week! I started a new job, got a ton of other running stuff done (blog, fundraiser, some twitter fun) and I feel like I'm starting to get my head back into the game after having "marathon" brain earlier this week.

  • Monday - Rest/Travel Day - This was my last day in Rhode Island so enjoyed some Margaritas with my friend before needing to head back to the airport. I was pooped after my marathon.
  • Tuesday - Rest Day - First day at work and did some light biking (I love having a bike, first day taking on the train was a success!)
  • Wednesday - 3.5 Miles - Easy miles to shake out my legs. Surprise, surprise they are still sore.
  • Thursday - Rest - Since Wednesday's run was a little rough, decided to rest but got some biking in
  • Friday - 2.75 Miles + 4.2 Miles - Yep, 2 runs because I had to test some new watch algorithms (Have I mentioned I have the coolest job?!)
  • Saturday - 7 Miles - Easy miles on a windy/chilly evening. Legs still not feeling 100%
  • Sunday - 12 Miles - Easy miles, legs are still a little tired. I decided to see what walking quickly felt like so did a 15 min/mi walk pace for .25 miles, it was interesting but I felt impatient.

Starting a new job is always a bit stressful but I'm very optimistic about this new role! I just have to adjust my head and get into the game. Excited to take some initiative and jump in with both feet next week!

Week in Review (4/21-4/27)

Another week in the books! I am 1 week closer to my next marathon!

  • Monday - Rest day - Was traveling so it was a long day and was definitely a rest day and I soaked in all the inspiration of the Boston Marathon!
  • Tuesday - 4 miles - Easy run, had some route detours because of some sidewalk work going on but felt pretty good.
  • Wednesday - 6 mile run - This was a great run! I felt good and was running a bit quicker which was great as a test for my next race!
  • Thursday - 4 miles - Medium, easy run at around my expected race pace for my marathon!
  • Friday - Very lazy rest day - My cat has been under the weather so I spent most of the day indoors relaxing with him and keeping him comfy
  • Saturday - 4 miles - Took it at close to race pace and felt good
  • Sunday - 8 easy miles - Took this run really relaxed and my legs felt great!

Total Mileage: 26 miles

I'm feeling totally relaxed and prepared for my marathon next Sunday. Did you have a good week? Any runs in particular rev your engine?

Happy running!

Week in Review (4/14-4/20)

Hello all,

Another week, first week of taper, things are still going strong.

Monday - Rest - Did some walking
Tuesday - 5 Mile run
Wednesday - 8 Mile run
Thursday - Rest/Travel Day - Went home to Ohio so today was my travel day and got in some walking during my lay over in Phoenix
Friday - 5 Mile run
Saturday - 6 Mile run
Sunday - 11.85 Mile run - Happy Easter! I was suppose to get to 12 but was over confident and didn't take water which got the best of me and then put me in a mood for the rest of the day. Blerg.

Total Mileage: 35.85 Miles

I've been doing a lot of core strengthening and stretching this week which has been great. I really want to get back to being more flexible.

Also, Boston Marathon is tomorrow! I've started obsessing again about qualifying times and my half time from 2 weeks ago puts me tantalizingly close to the marathon pace. I don't think this next marathon will be the BQ but it's getting tantalizing close so maybe later this year? We'll see.

Hope you all had a great day!

Week in Review 4/7-4/13

So this was a great running week, not so great in any other respect. Didn't do much cross training and ate a bit too much albeit delicious, but not great for me food.

Monday - Rest - planked and went for a walk!
Tuesday - 5 Miles - felt good, did my normal loop
Wednesday - 10 Miles - felt great and did some hills!
Thursday - 5 Miles - A little tired but still a strong run.
Friday - Rest day - went to the Disney Family Museum and walked around all afternoon!
Saturday - 10 Miles - really strong run!
Sunday - 20 Miles - felt really good and I'm excited to have such a strong run as I wrap up my last week of marathon training. Bring on the taper!

Total Miles: 50 Miles!

During taper I'm hoping to do some strength training and more walking!

Have a great week all!

Week in Review (3/31-4/6)

This week was a race week so it was a bit lighter! Had a blast rockin' out and nearly PR-ing at the Rock 'n' Roll SF Half!

Monday - Rest - planks and squats
Tuesday - 5 mile run - took it at a fairly easy pace
Wednesday - 6 mile run - It was only supposed to be a 5 miler but was having fun with hills!
Thursday - Rest - Did a lot of walking, it was great!
Friday - Rest - Went to the RnR SF Expo and walked around SF a lot
Saturday - 2.6 miles - Easy shake out miles in preparation for Half
Sunday - Rock 'n' Roll SF Half - Killed the hills, paced myself well, and walked away with a time of 1:44:34

Total Mileage - 26.7 miles

Hope you all had a great week!