An Ode to RawThreads

So there are 3 things I really love about running and they are:

  • Endorphins
  • Channeling my competitve side into something constructive
  • Fun clothes/running gear

I love that I can justify shoes and fun tops because well, I need it to run, right?

One of my favorite brands is RawThreads (! They are seriously awesome.

One of my biggest problems as a runner is that running tops chaffe... bad. At the top of my boobs where the top of the tank top/bra hit, at the bottom of my boobs if the band rides up, side seams, armpit areas... basically anywhere there is a seam, I have issues. Not fun. This issue is greatly mitigated by wearing RawThreads.

Their stuff is lightweight, wicks sweat well, is super, super soft, and they have a ton of cute designs.

My love affair started with RawThreads as I was gearing up to run my first Disneyland race last year and was earning my first coast to coast medal, so naturally I needed to run that half marathon in this bad boy:

I fell in love. It didn't chaffe, it was super light weight, and so soft. I knew something was starting right then.

Since then I've run in many races wearing their stuff.

I also have 2 sweatshirts, 2 pairs of socks, 2 solid tanks (still to be worn at a race), and 2 pairs of shorts. It's super fun to throw on my Disney inspired gear for a normal training run, it just makes it feel... more magical.

It's been a slow accumulation but each item has been more awesome than the last and I still have my eye on a few more things. 

I really want to wear this tank at the Star Wars Half Marathon...

Check out the entire galaxy collection here!

If your skin/sweat combo doesn't do well with thick materials and heavy seams, I HIGHLY recommend trying them out. Their stuff isn't just cute, it's also completely practical AND reasonably priced.

BONUS: From now until Christmas they are running sales on different items so keep an eye out for discounts on awesome stuff!

Hope this tip serves you well and you fall in love with RawThreads like I did!

PS This was an unpaid/unsolicited post

PSS RawThreads, if you are ever looking for an ambassador... you know where to find me!

The Road To WDW

So, you know that snow vortex? Yeah... I was suppose to fly of out SFO to JFK on Tuesday night and then arrive in Orlando at 8:30am Wednesday morning however my flight to JFK got delayed and there was no sure way I'd be able to transfer so instead I rebooked a flight for Wednesday morning and would get me to Orlando my 5:30. I was meeting my parents in Florida so I had sent them my packet pick-up information just in case something like this happened.

So Wednesday morning I was on my way. After a layover in Miami, I arrived ready to go in Orlando. Up to this point I had had a lingering cold but was hoping it would just go away. I was here and nothing was going to stand in the way of my races!

My parents had already gotten my race packet and shirts but since I still had some time to run to the expo to pick up my Raw Threads pre-ordered items and get any Dopey merchandise (if any was left) I decided to do that. I got my rental car and got to the expo around 7 so I had an hour to see what I wanted to before closing.

I picked up my tanks from Raw Threads (I LOVE this brand, their stuff is soooo soft and sooo comfortable!) and got pins, a coffee mug, the Dopey necklace, and one of the last women's cut "I DID IT!" Dopey shirts. I suppressed my normal superstition of buying this shirt before the race because I didn't want to not get it. I made sure to put it in the back of the drawer when I got to the hotel, out of sight and out of mind.

The layout was a little different for the expo this year and some of the vendors were in the outdoor areas around the stadium. It was still really crowded in the expo though since a lot of the sponsor vendors had what I call "premium" booths with lots of space and displays. Champion and New Balance both had booths like this. They were very impressive.

After all this I finally made it to the Marriott where my parents were and tried to sleep before my first race and relax.

My Favorite (Running) Things!

Hi all,

So for me, I love the gear side of running. Shoes, cute tops, fun gadgets, you name it, I've researched it. I just LOVE this stuff!

Here are my favorite things as of right now (because I know tomorrow I'll want to try something else out)

1. GU in Espresso Love

Om nom nom...

Yum! Love these. On long runs and races I pack in some Tri-berry and Espresso and I use the latter flavor as a "treat" for the last two or so fuel ups. They are delicious and keep me going with a kick of caffeine!

2. Raw Threads!

Seriously some great stuff and all of their products are SO SOFT! I have a real problem with chafing on the seams of shirts, bras, etc but these products are awesome. I wore their "Castle to Castle" racer tank at the Disneyland Half and it was amazing! (PS they have other Disney-fied running gear too!)

3. Fun Colored Shoes!

Right now I'm running in Mizuno Sayonaras and they are a great shoe AND they come in great colors! I know we are suppose to be "serious runners" and only care about function but it doesn't hurt that most models come in at least one ridiculously bright color.

4. My Nike Zip Up Jacket

I bought it a few years ago and it's perfect for a cold morning ( It's not bulky but it's surprisingly thick and can keep the wind from getting to me. It's great protection from the elements without making me feel constrained.

5. Juno Sports Bra (,default,pd.html)

This one is newer to me and I'm still figuring it out, but so far so good. My new thing is finding good sports bras. It's like when you go from Bonnie Bell lip gloss to the "real deal", I'm swapping my cheaper less supportive sports bras for the "real deal" and this one delivers. It's definitely tight and the first time I wore it, it was a bit uncomfortable, but I've since figured it out and I think I've found my happy place with it and everyone is happy now. :)

Old Faithfuls:

-iPod Nano - never leave home without it

-Garmin 110 - I've had it for 2 years now and it delivers. Nothing to fancy but tells me what I need to know.

Thanks all for reading and happy running!