One Week Until WDW Marathon Registration Day!

Hey girl hey!

Did you know? It's one week until us "regular" folks can sign up for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! This race weekend will always hold a special place in my heart. It was about 6 or 7 years ago I was listening to a podcast by one Lou Mongello and he was taking on the WDW Half Marathon. The way he described the excitement at the start line, the magic that happens when you run up Main St USA, and then the relief and accomplishment at the finish line, I knew I needed to do this.

I was never really a runner. I have always "worked out" but never really enjoyed running. I would pick it up every once and awhile but then life/weather would happen and it would end. The summer of '09 I started running more regularly but then going back to college meant stress and less time, plus in Syracuse it snows a lot, so I fell off the bandwagon. I was originally thinking that '10 was possible, but then life happened at so I set my sights on '11!

Halfway through my junior year, I picked up running and it stuck. I spent the summer in NYC and got to run all over the place and fell in love! I got to explore and see so much of the city! So that July, I made the plunge and signed up for the full marathon. I had toyed with the idea of the half, but not being a huge fan of Donald I decided to upgrade to a nice shiny Mickey medal!

Really from there the rest is history. I ran a half in upstate NY on 10-10-10 and since it was pretty small my 1:54 finish time meant I took first in my age group! Not bad for a first half marathon! I was so nervous going into my first marathon, but it was totally worth it! More on that in another post!

I had a few apprehensions before my first marathon! I have to run all those miles?!

Running at Disney is awesome! If you are a fan of the parks, seeing backstage areas is really fun and the unique character pics can't be beat!

Since January of '11, I've run every marathon since:
-2011- Marathon
-2012 - 5k + Marathon
-2013 - 5k + Goofy
-2014 - Dopey Challenge
-2015 - ?Dopey Challenge Hopeful?

Fueling after our races! (2011)

Another one in the books! (2012)

Meeting the main Goof-ster after my first Goofy Challenge! (2013)

I went Dopey! (2014)

I can't believe this will be my 5th marathon-iversary! So excited!

But you don't have to take my word for it, here are some recent podcasts on runDisney that hopefully will convince you!

Be Our Guest Podcast - Episode 663 - WDW Marathon
WDWRadio - WDW Marathon Weekend - Episode 354
Mickey Miles Podcast - WDW January Review Part 1 - Episode 138
Mickey Miles Podcast - WDW January Review Part 2 - Episode 139

And the podcasts that started my running/runDisney adventure
WDWRadio - Show 50 - Jan 20, 2008
WDWToday - A Marathon of a Show - Episode 489

Registration opens April 22, 2014 at 12pm EST!

Hope this helps you to decide if it's time to make the plunge! You have 1 week!

My Dos and Don'ts for Costumed Running

Hello all!

As I prepare to start thinking about how I want to look for race day both Disney and non-Disney races, I'm excited to share my tips.

  1. If you aren't sure it will be comfortable, take it for a practice run - For me I can put up with anything for a 5k, halfs I get a bit more picky, but marathons that's where I draw the line. Gauge where you are as a runner and realize that you need to save your mental stamina for the RACE not putting up with your costume. Choose your battles runners!
  2. Remember the base layer - You need to be comfortable underneath it all. Make sure you know what fabrics your skin likes and what tends to chafe it. For me and my sensitive skin, it gets hard sometimes. My base layer of choice for most costumes, sports bra and bike shorts and I try to keep fabrics light.
  3. Keep it fun! - You aren't dressing up for "them" you are dressing up for you (most of the time) so have fun and enjoy YOUR day!
  4. Nervous Race Morning? - If you wake up with some jitters, don't feel bad just wearing "normal" running clothes. I've done this before. If you are planning an elaborate outfit make sure to have a back up just in case. Hopefully, your back up has a fun skirt or top so it'll still feel special.
  5. Themed race? You don't have to be on theme! - Wear what you want to wear! I'm planning to be a "cool cat" at the RnR SF race. Will anyone care at that race? No. Would it make more sense to wear a RnR t-shirt? Probably. Do I care? Nope :) There's another running blogger who loves going on theme!
So here's to more fun races ahead!

Happy running!