What Am I Listening To? (Best of My Disney Music Playlist)

As we draw February to a close, it's time for my final installment of 'What Am I Listening To?' This week is the ultimate list, my top DISNEY songs!

Here we go!

  1. Let It Go - Frozen - I don't think I need to explain this one (especially if you read my WDW Marathon post ). This song has it all, good pace, great lyrics, and a TON of power! You can't help but sassy run to it!
  2. Dig a Little Deeper - Princess and the Frog - First, I LOVE Mama Oodie, she's a great character and second, this song rocks and really helps you dig a little deeper when those miles are feeling long.
  3. I Can Go the Distance - Hercules - This is the ultimate runner ballad, especially if you skip through the instrumental part. Thanks Disney!
  4. I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan - "Tranquil as a forest/But on fire within./Once you find your center/You are sure to win." Let's do this! I can run forever! Take that Huns!
  5. Universe of Energy - EPCOT Center - This is a throwback but I love it. It has that great classic EPCOT feel and it's just so fun! (In case you need a refresher: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hYoGfacCRM)
  6. You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! - Peter Pan - I feel like I could fly when I'm running sometimes and I love queuing this song up as I'm running in to MK!
  7. I've Got a Dream - Tangled - I use to put 'At Last I See the Light' on my list but then realized it overwhelms the emotions and when running this means hyperventilating = no fun. This song hits the spot though and is super fun to run sing-a-long/dance to.
  8. For the First Time In Forever - Frozen - So I made sure to space this one out but this one is blowing up my iPod too. So fun!
  9. In Summer - Frozen - So yep another one. This song is that BEST to run sing-a-long too. It has great lyrics and a great pace.
  10. Just Around the Riverbend - Pocahontas - So good! The way this song ebbs and flows (pun intended) is perfect for running so you can get some nice fartleks in! (Hehe... fart-leks... that will never not be funny to me)
So this is my list right now, what's yours?! I'm sure I've missed some great ones!

My cat generally gives me this look when I'm singing at the top of my lungs...

What Am I Listening To? (Best Of My Music Playlist)

So we've gone through what I listen to on my training runs (mostly podcasts) but on race day or those not-quite-as-motivated days I like to choose some songs to pump me up!

As mentioned in my marathon blog, I do enjoy dance/sassy/gesture running to my songs so many are dance songs.

My List:

  1. Heart It Races - Architecture in Helsinki - This is good for those early miles in a race when you don't want to go all out but need something that will keep you moving forward
  2. Like a G6 - Far East Movement - This is just a great beat and a great song. It's easy to get wrapped up in it's fun and do some dance running and then... BOOM! Four minutes passed like butta'.
  3. Girl Talk - Really, any of their songs are great for running. Most have fast tempos and mix familiar songs in an impressive way.
  4. Girls on the Dance Floor - Far East Movement - Another great dance song. The lyrics are not family friendly though, you've been warned.
  5. Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel - This is a great upbeat song. Fun to sing along to either out loud or in your head.
  6. I've Got the Magic - Mike Posner - This was played at my first marathon in WDW on repeat while we waited in the corrals and I love that it's a great song and also brings me back to that moment.
  7. All Dressed Up In Love - Jennifer Hudson - This is a GREAT diva song and perfect for run dancing/sassy running.
  8. Smile Upon Me - Passion Pit - This in another band that has multiple tracks on my playlist, but this song is perfect when you need a pick me up during your run!
  9. Die Young - Ke$ha - This is a great dance track and sure to give you jolt while running!
  10. I Am Mine - Brook Waggoner - I put this song as either the first or second track because it's just one of those happy songs. It keeps my pace in check as I set out on a 13.1 or 26.2 mile journey.
Next week's post will outline my favorite Disney running song!

What are you listening to?