So this post has been a long time coming... a LONG time coming. No, no, this isn't anything groundbreaking but rather a breakfast food review that I've wanted to do for a long time.

To start with, this company did not approach me to do a review, I just wanted to do it! I saw another blogger test these pancakes out and thought they looked awesome, so all opinions are my own. Now on with the show!

If there is one truth in my life, it's that I LOVE breakfast food. Now I'm not talking sausages and bacon but rather waffles, biscuits, pancakes, french toast,... well you get the picture. If it is sugar and carb laden and then can be covered in powdered sugar and/or syrup, I'm a fan.

As a pseudo health conscious runner, I was excited to hear about a breakthrough in pancake-ness. It's all the carb goodness but...but...also packed with protein (15-17g per serving) so it's win-win!

Here are the details.

FlapJacked currently comes in 3 flavors, Buttermilk, Cinnamon Apple, and Banana Hazelnut and packs a mean protein punch! You can go online and purchase a "sampler" package which include smaller sizes of each of the flavors. Each of the puches below made about 8 pancakes using a partially filled 1/3 cup scoop. (I'm not good at flipping large pancakes so that's about where I max out)

So I started with the Cinnamon Apple and let me tell you, I failed at life big time. I made the pan way to hot and then just had all the troubles. Luckily, I got a few good ones from that batch to taste test but more on that later.

After adding in the water, the batter becomes very liquidy but after giving it 3-5 minutes (I gave it a full 5) it sets up nicely!

Post 5 minute

Getting cooking!

Later, I more successfully made the Buttermilk pancakes and voila look at these beauties!

I then had brinner one night and finished up the experiment/taste test with the Banana Hazelnut.

So how did they tasted? What about the texture?

Banana Hazelnut takes top place followed by Buttermilk and then Cinnamon Apple. They were all fairly evenly matched though. You could taste the protein-ness of all the flavors though, and it does change the texture a bit too. It definitely tasted a bit different than my normal Aunt Jemima pancake mix. When I make pancakes with this batter again, I'll probably add in some of my own flavors like I do for my normal pancakes (a little extra cinnamon and vanilla never hurt anyone).

Tip for cooking - keep the temp really low. It says it on the package but they aren't kidding, I cooked my just below medium and it cooked well on my gas stove.

If you are a fan of pancakes but would like to get some protein to power your day, I definitely recommend giving FlapJacked a try!