Things I Love

So this week has been pretty long. The 24 hour Disneyland left me exhausted and then launched into a long yet awesome week at work. After all of it I was feeling pretty deflated so as I sit here on Friday relaxing, it seems like a good time to reflect and me thankful for all the awesome parts of my life.

  1. Living, working, eating - I somehow am able to balance everything I need financially to make ends meet and then some. I am thankful that I'm able to support myself at 25 with a great job that I love!
  2. My cat loves belly rubs - It sounds weird, but my cat loves belly rubs and I love giving him belly rubs. The simple things.
  3. An Able Body - When I get bored or "down" about my running, I always try to disconnect from my tech and goals for a run, and just appreciate that my body is AMAZING. I can run and jump and live my life how I want to without physical limitation.
  4. Friends - I have some awesome friends. I tend to be pretty busy with work and my general homebody nature, but I love when I get to hang out with them!
  5. My Experiences - I've had some amazing experiences in my life. I've achieved things I've dreamed about (including signing a vertical support column that is now in a WDW attraction!) and I know my life has so much more ahead of it!
  6. Family - While I don't see them often, they are always there when I need some support and I love them for that. They help me keep a level head and give me outside opinions when I need some perspective.
  7. Podcasts - I love them because as a person who isn't a big reader, I can still learn and grow wherever I go. I love listening to Things You Should Know and Science Friday when running. I feel like I'm killing 2 birds with one stone, expanding both my physical and mental self!
  8. Ice Cream - This is by far my favorite food and I'm so happy it exists!
  9. Coffee - Again, same as ice cream, I love it's existence. There is something so comforting about a hot cup of joe to kill those afternoon sleepy feelings.
  10. Life - Even though I get stressed out and tested, I'm happy to be alive and living in this exciting and interesting part of human history. Today is a very unique time where I can connect with anyone from anywhere while being ANYWHERE. It really is incredible!

What are you happy for?

Keep Moving Forward

My life has been in flux lately. It's hard finding a job and it's hard making any sort of future plans when you don't know where you might be in the next couple months. I've had a couple really exciting leads, but I don't want to jinx it yet. All I can say right now is that I had a blast with a really amazing group of people on Wednesday. I'll let you all know because it will be amazing if it all works out the way I'd like it to!

However, now that I have more leisure time, I've been running! It's been great! I'm also excited to try out some more Ignite Naturals products. I have gels and recovery drink coming in the mail which I'm excited to try out and let you all know about it!

I also have a fun fundraiser idea that I'm hoping to let you all in on in about a month and another side project that I'm working on which are keeping me busy and keeping me moving forward!

Next race - still planning to run the Rhode Races Marathon! Should be fun and I'll get to tick off another state in my effort to run a marathon in every state (it's a lifetime goal, not trying to blitz it).

Things I'm looking forward to:
-A nice reflective run on the day of the Boston Marathon
-Signing up for the Dopey Challenge
-Going to Rhode Island to run my marathon and see friends!
-Visit family in Ohio for Easter!

Lots of fun things on the horizon and I look forward to some fun posts!

What are you looking forward to?

Life Happens

Sorry guys for the lack of posts lately. Hit a bit of a bump in the road as far as work life goes and considering the majority of my life up to now revolved around work, well it's weird. The good thing is, money isn't an issue (right now) but now I'm just not sure where to go next. Time to polish the resume, write some cover letters, and do some soul searching :)

Here's to more runs and figuring out what's around the next bend!