One Week to WDW!

EEP! One week until I leave for Orlando, Walt Disney World, and my second Dopey challenge!

I'm totally excited!

Last year I wrote about my whole running experience, you can check out my Dopey recap here: The Dopey Experience - In Review

I learned a lot from last year and here are the things I want to keep in mind this year:

  1. Listen to my body - Be it before, during or after, I need to listen to my body and make sure I'm taking it easy when I need it. Last year I think I pushed a little to hard to go to the parks in between.
  2. Have fun - I'm running the races with friends this year and I can't wait to get character pictures and enjoy the miles
  3. REST! - this goes along with number one, but I need to rest between races. Last year I pushed it too much in between races and I really needed to rest.
  4. Get to the finish - This is a big one. Just get to the finish some way, some how.
  5. Not spend a lot of money at the expo - I've been going through everything in my apartment since I'm moving and I DON'T NEED ANYMORE USELESS STUFF! I want to get a stick, an "I Did It" shirt, and one other sweatshirt but really, I can't buy more stuff that will get donated in a year or 2.



What are you goals for WDW Marathon Weekend?

My Pre-New Years Resolutions

So with the year ending, it's always a good time to reflect and improve for the next year. For me it starts with my birthday and roles right into January 1st, creating an entire month of reflection.

Here are the things I like to do now.

1. Eat Clean-er - In the triangle of fitness (exercise, sleep, and diet) my weakest point is diet. Recently, I've been finishing up a book called "Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us" and it's been illuminating. More cooking and less snacking out of a bag when possible for this girl! I'm not perfect but even a small change will help :P

2. Stretch More - I've been dealing with a hip flexor issue and so I need to stretch more so help it and also avoid further issues.

3. Hip Strengthening - Same as the reasoning for stretching, strengthening the other muscles in my hips will help me heal faster/better

4. Dedication to Dopey Training - This is a big one since I'm going to have to dial back my speed a bit to help my hip heal. I need to train smart not fast for Dopey. My focus is on getting the miles in and not on speed. The "dress rehearsal" weekend is the most important in building not only my physical preparation but also my confidence that I can make it through the weekend of races.

These are my goals for December, what are you hoping to achieve before the year ends?