Remembering My Princess Half

Hello all,

This week was an okay week for running. Got a hill run in with co-workers and did a track workout and pulled of a 3:25 800m at the end of my workout which is my fastest time to date other than a Middle School track time. For some reason my run Saturday was rougher than expected and my run today was slow and I was sore. It's okay though since I needed to take it easier for the SF Half next weekend to finish my Half It All Challenge (and hopefully hit my 1:45 goal)!

This week's workouts:

  • Mon: Rest
  • Tues: Track Workout (5 miles: 4x800m's with a 400m job in between + 2.25 miles in warm up and cool down)
  • Wed: 3.6 mile hill run here: Stanford Dish
  • Thurs: Rest
  • Fri: 3 easy miles
  • Sat: 5.5 miles through the neighborhood
  • Sun: 11 miles

With the open registration for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend right around the corner I thought I'd do a cliffnotes of my experience back in 2012.

The expo was nice. I went with my friend after work so we kind of had to rush around to get our stuff. They had the expo split between a field house (not the usual one for the WDW Marathon weekend) for packet pick-up and then the normal Expo floor in Jostens for t-shirt and goody bag pick up. The expo was fun, very "chick" oriented, and not as busy or large as the WDW Marathon weekend expo which I liked. I get easily overwhelmed at expos.

I did both the 5k and the half marathon that weekend and both were very fun! Lots of great characters and a really great energy the entire weekend. I love this race weekend! It's so fun and friendly!

The 5k was on Saturday and my friend and I were there an hour before the race start. We weren't going to go too fast, just run/walk it and get lots of pics with characters! The characters at this 5k were awesome and some of my favorites of all 5ks! They had them out in trios which is more fun!

 We are ready to rock! (Me on left, friend on right)

This was super fun, I think we might have passed one character photo-op but it might have just been Mickey in his tux in Future World. I love the 5k races! They are so fun and I love being in World Showcase early in the morning and seeing the sun rise. It's beautiful!

Spent the rest of the day resting in preparation for the half!

The morning of the half, I drove to the start and per my usual for all Disney races got there VERY, VERY early and arrived around 3 or 3:30. I'm always nervous there is going to be traffic, so I always give myself plenty of time. I don't like having to rush to the start line or worrying about not getting to the race.

The start area was super fun. The usual DJ, characters, and tents before going beyond the bag check. I LOVED the bibs for this race! They put your favorite princess on them, color coded them to your princess and also put your name on it, I was Princess Katherine! So cute and a great touch!

Note: I did not run with a camera for the half so there is going to be a lot of text following.

The start was fun, the fairy godmother was out to see us off with a 'Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!' and away we went. We wound our way up to MK through the TTC Parking Gates and through the parking lot. Before we got the parking toll booths there was a hunky group of princes. I believe it was made up of Tarzan, General Shang, Flynn Rider, and John Smith (I think there were more but I'm blanking now). This is one photo-op I sincerely regret not having a camera for.

There were lots of characters throughout MK, the usual from what I remember. Buzz in Tomorrowland, Jessie and Woody in Frontierland, Princess Tiana and Naveen in Liberty Square, and then the castle float in the backstage area with Sleeping Beauty and Princess John as you exited.

Then the run back from MK to Epcot. This is such a dull stretch. The day was muggy and cloudy all morning so it was dull, hot, and flat until we got to Epcot. I lost a lot of steam here and I was not feeling strong or energized at this point. It wasn't until after the ramp into Epcot that I started feeling better (with the finish line so close it's hard not to).

We did the loop from the Epcot entrance up to the World Showplace area and back out to the front with lots of cheering cast members and volunteers lining the way! Very fun! Then those final few turns and down the home stretch. I finished in 1:56 which was a good effort for me at that time, but this race definitely took a lot out of me and I wasn't as prepared for it.

Crown and tutu still intact after 13.1 miles :)

So if you are on the fence about signing up, I would encourage you to just go for it! It's a great weekend and a very friendly race crowd. It's very relaxed and it's a great race for a "girls weekend" or a newbie racer looking for a fun half. I loved it and I hope you will too!

My top tips for the Princess Half:

  • Get there early!
  • Take a camera!
  • Enjoy the fun and dress up!
  • Have a blast the whole weekend!

Did I Make it to the Breakers?

Hello all!

Sorry to leave you hanging, my life has been mucho busy lately (work, moving, running, and then a trip to Disneyland!) so I'm finally getting around to my Bay to Breakers re-cap. Up, up and away we go!

So the week leading up to Bay to Breakers was crazy. Work was super busy, plus I was arranging my move since I had to be out my Monday (the day after the race) and I got sick on top of it all. Crazy busy and exhausting. So as the weekend neared, I was getting nervous about not making it to the start line. I went to the expo just to get my stuff and check out the vendors, and it was well run. They ran out of shirts in my size so I ended up getting a smaller size that I'll probably take a pair of scissors to. Even though I went and got my race number I still was feeling exhausted and a 3:45am wake up call felt very, very, very early.

The should I or shouldn't I debate continued, I was thinking about skipping but I had paid for it, prepared for it, and had practiced my costume so come what may, I made it to the start line!

Princess Merida after some royal preparation at 5am.

Rocking my new New Balance Minimus shoes!

So I think this was the earliest I had ever woken up to prepare. Curling my hair took a good amount of time so I woke up WAY earlier than normal for the start time. Oh well, it was totally worth it! A few people knew who I was but I can't wait to rock this costume at my next runDisney race at DLR! 

I caught the shuttle to the start line and everything was very smooth. There was some corral confusion but all in all it went very well.

Start line, check out all the costumes!

Ready to run!

So this was a fun race. I didn't get seeded into the right corral because my pace group filled by the time I signed up so the first half of the race was very slow with lots of darting and weaving. (Note to self: sign up earlier next year) But it was fun to see all the costumes (or lack of costumes, there were some 100% bare runners, but that is one of the things this race is known for).

I saw everything from super heroes to a school of fish. There were houses along the route blasting techno and party music. It really is a great day of fun for the city of SF!

I came in around 1:05 for the 12k race and that's when I made it to the breakers! Beautiful!

The post race transportation was a bit of a mess and it definitely showed the weakness of the event. This event went from a small race to a HUGE race very fast and this is where it showed the most.

I had heard from others that they thought the race wasn't as fun as previous years and maybe that's increase security or size or a mixture of both. Comparing it to the usual race though, it's in a league of it's own. In my costume I felt very tame compared to the stuff I saw around me. Really fun and definitely glad I made it to the start line.


  • Fun race
  • Good race start area
  • Great spectators
  • Great atmosphere
  • A must for anyone from the bay area


  • It was a little warm for a SF race
  • Post race transportation
  • Not being allowed to self seed and having to sign up in a slow group.

Coming later this week, took a break from running to go kick off a Monstrous summer in Disneyland!

Why I'm Blogging? Well, I Might Be a Little Dopey!

Hello Fellow Runners/Disney Fans/runDisney fans!

I'm back to blogging. Why? Well read on and you'll see.

This past Tuesday registration opened for the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. I had been anticipating this event for a while, so much so, that I had convinced myself that actually Monday, not Tuesday was registration day and it wasn't until I woke up early (I'm on the west coast so registration opens at 9am here) to get to work to be sure that I was there before 9 (I work in a start-up environment so the day starts a little later) to make sure I was there to sign up.

I woke up, went to the runDisney website, and then saw April 9th, not 8th.... augh. Another day of waiting and hoping that the races won't sell out too fast.

Why was I so excited? Because I wanted to go Dopey in the inaugural race year! 2014 will be my 4th year running in the WDW Marathon weekend. In 2011 it was my first marathon ever, in 2012 I went back for the 5k with the parents and again finished the marathon, and in 2013 I went unofficially Dopey running all the events that weekend. So what's another morning and another 6.25 miles going to hurt, right? Time will only tell.

Well, I want to chronicle the road to the 48.6 happiest miles and those 6 blinged out medals, which I heard they are redesigning them all this year! ( ) My inner, Disney feminist is excited too that Minnie is once again getting her own medal! There was a 15k where she was the leading lady but it was discontinued awhile ago.

Some other reasons you'll want to read:
-I'll participate in other races in California throughout the year (Right now I'm looking at completing 2-3 more halfs this year and a full in the fall) and you'll get to hear about the good, bad and ugly of those races, my personal performance and training.
-I'll go back and chronicle my experience last year at the WDW Marathon weekend and also give tips on how to manage crowds. I also might go WAY back and chronicle the other WDW race weekends since I've participated in all of them except the Everest Challenge.
-I'll let you know all about the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare which will be my first Disneyland race and my first attempt at the Coast to Coast medal!
-I'll also sprinkle in some information of what's going on at the parks since I am a Disney Parks Fan first!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you real soon!

Faith, trust, and pixie dust!

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The views expressed in this blog are my own and are in way related to runDisney or TWDC in any way.

Let's Get Down To Business!

... to defeat, the Huns.

What better way to start my running blog than to quote my favorite Disney running song! So now that you are humming that little ditty, let me introduce myself.  Now some person I don't even know reminds us there's no eating, drinking, smoking, or flash photography allowed in my dream... err... blog.  And off we go...

My name is Katherine, I'm 23, love Disney, and, as of 3 years ago, I caught the running bug.  I'm originally from Columbus, OH (Go Bucks!), went to college at Syracuse (Go Orange!), spent a year living in Florida, and now I live in the Bay Area near San Francisco, CA! I enjoy running, looking at lolCats, and general exploring and being outdoors.

Just goofin' around!

So why do I want to start this blog?  I remember when I was thinking about running my first marathon, I got a lot of encouragement from podcasts, blogs, and articles and was hoping to pass along some knowledge to other Disneyphiles/runners.  I really enjoy the sense of community that both Disney and running creates!  To date, I've run 2 full marathons, 4 half marathons and a smattering of 5ks and other races.  Both my marathons were down in "The World" and in my collection are medals earned at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and Princess Half Marathon.

Me after the 2012 Disney Marathon!

Look for my first real post soon!  TTFN!