My Favorites!

It's been awhile since I've written a list of favorites and as always I've been learning to use new products. Here are my new favorite things in 2015!

1.  iPod Nano Clip - This thing has been a life saver. I no longer run with my iPod Nano in my hand or in an arm band, this case keeps it secure and out of the way! This is the one I got: 

HHI Rubber Quick Clip Case for iPod Nano 7th Generation


RawThreads Headbands

- I am a convert to the thick runner headband thing and thank you RawThreads for once again being awesome!



- These things are no joke. I put them on my hiking boots and my running shoes and they stay put. I don't have to walk like a grandma over packed snow/ice. I've just been using the basic walk version and I'm excited to try others. AMAZING! 

4. Boulder Running Company/Group Runs - I use to shy away from these not liking and "organized" running time but it has been a great way to meet new people and learn about running in a new town!

5. Wool - I have been converted to wool. I use to think it was just itchy and uncomfortable to wear but it's so warm and does the trick on cold days. Need to invest in more wool socks for both running and every day!

Rocking my handmade wool hat!

These are my new favorite things since 2015 started, what have you discovered in the new year?

Friday Happy!

My Friday favorites! Hope you all had a great week!
  1. @RunnersandCats - Seriously, this Twitter account was created for me! Check it out!
  2. FroYo - Don't underestimate the power of delicious milk and sugar frozen into delicious flavors
  3. runDisney registration day - It's like a game, how fast can I register and then it's a waiting game as you watch the registered percentages fill. A little adrenalin rush at 9am PDT!
  4. Google Hangout Emoticons - They look like gumdrops and kind of derpy, I love using them and chuckling at their odd shape and the thought that someone designed them all.
  5. This picture from @BearsActHuman

Have a great weekend all!

What Am I Listening To? (Best of My Disney Music Playlist)

As we draw February to a close, it's time for my final installment of 'What Am I Listening To?' This week is the ultimate list, my top DISNEY songs!

Here we go!

  1. Let It Go - Frozen - I don't think I need to explain this one (especially if you read my WDW Marathon post ). This song has it all, good pace, great lyrics, and a TON of power! You can't help but sassy run to it!
  2. Dig a Little Deeper - Princess and the Frog - First, I LOVE Mama Oodie, she's a great character and second, this song rocks and really helps you dig a little deeper when those miles are feeling long.
  3. I Can Go the Distance - Hercules - This is the ultimate runner ballad, especially if you skip through the instrumental part. Thanks Disney!
  4. I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan - "Tranquil as a forest/But on fire within./Once you find your center/You are sure to win." Let's do this! I can run forever! Take that Huns!
  5. Universe of Energy - EPCOT Center - This is a throwback but I love it. It has that great classic EPCOT feel and it's just so fun! (In case you need a refresher:
  6. You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! - Peter Pan - I feel like I could fly when I'm running sometimes and I love queuing this song up as I'm running in to MK!
  7. I've Got a Dream - Tangled - I use to put 'At Last I See the Light' on my list but then realized it overwhelms the emotions and when running this means hyperventilating = no fun. This song hits the spot though and is super fun to run sing-a-long/dance to.
  8. For the First Time In Forever - Frozen - So I made sure to space this one out but this one is blowing up my iPod too. So fun!
  9. In Summer - Frozen - So yep another one. This song is that BEST to run sing-a-long too. It has great lyrics and a great pace.
  10. Just Around the Riverbend - Pocahontas - So good! The way this song ebbs and flows (pun intended) is perfect for running so you can get some nice fartleks in! (Hehe... fart-leks... that will never not be funny to me)
So this is my list right now, what's yours?! I'm sure I've missed some great ones!

My cat generally gives me this look when I'm singing at the top of my lungs...

My Favorite (Running) Things!

Hi all,

So for me, I love the gear side of running. Shoes, cute tops, fun gadgets, you name it, I've researched it. I just LOVE this stuff!

Here are my favorite things as of right now (because I know tomorrow I'll want to try something else out)

1. GU in Espresso Love

Om nom nom...

Yum! Love these. On long runs and races I pack in some Tri-berry and Espresso and I use the latter flavor as a "treat" for the last two or so fuel ups. They are delicious and keep me going with a kick of caffeine!

2. Raw Threads!

Seriously some great stuff and all of their products are SO SOFT! I have a real problem with chafing on the seams of shirts, bras, etc but these products are awesome. I wore their "Castle to Castle" racer tank at the Disneyland Half and it was amazing! (PS they have other Disney-fied running gear too!)

3. Fun Colored Shoes!

Right now I'm running in Mizuno Sayonaras and they are a great shoe AND they come in great colors! I know we are suppose to be "serious runners" and only care about function but it doesn't hurt that most models come in at least one ridiculously bright color.

4. My Nike Zip Up Jacket

I bought it a few years ago and it's perfect for a cold morning ( It's not bulky but it's surprisingly thick and can keep the wind from getting to me. It's great protection from the elements without making me feel constrained.

5. Juno Sports Bra (,default,pd.html)

This one is newer to me and I'm still figuring it out, but so far so good. My new thing is finding good sports bras. It's like when you go from Bonnie Bell lip gloss to the "real deal", I'm swapping my cheaper less supportive sports bras for the "real deal" and this one delivers. It's definitely tight and the first time I wore it, it was a bit uncomfortable, but I've since figured it out and I think I've found my happy place with it and everyone is happy now. :)

Old Faithfuls:

-iPod Nano - never leave home without it

-Garmin 110 - I've had it for 2 years now and it delivers. Nothing to fancy but tells me what I need to know.

Thanks all for reading and happy running!