February Crafting (Crafts 5-8)

Where did February go? Wow! We are already into March and I'm hoping Boulder digs itself out of the cold and snow we've been getting lately soon!

On to the crafts I worked on this month!

1. Spiral Hat

  • Pattern: Divine Hat
  • Materials:
    • Patons Classic Wool Yarn - Mercury
    • US Size H Crochet Hook
    • US Size J Crochet Hook
    • Stitch Marker
    • Tapestry Needle
    • Modifications: Added 3 additional rows so it could fit my big head. Missed the note about the slip stitch to join the rows so just worked in the round. Super cute and super warm!

2. Cat Nip Toy

  • Pattern: FREE Crochet Pattern - Mousie
  • Materials: 
    • Lion Brand - Bonbons Yarn - Beach
    • Needle
    • Catnip
    • Polyfill
    • Modifications: I couldn't figure out the knot for the eyes so I just sewed them flat. To add the catnip I layered it with the polyfill (add a little filling, sprinkle on some catnip, add some more filling, and so on). My cat loves this toy!

3. Crocheted Slippers

  • Materials:
    • Patons Classic Wool - Kimono
    • Red Heart Super Saver - Black (trim and strap)
    • US Size G Crochet Hook
    • Stitch Marker
    • Needle
    • Nylon Thread
    • Button
    • Modifications: Added a strap and button by starting the trim near the middle of the slipper where I wanted the strap, going around and then chaining after finishing the trim to the desired length. I then sewed on buttons to the opposite side. I followed the pattern and suggested modifications to fit. If I was going to make these again I'd add a little less length so they are more snug and add more to each row so the slipper extends up the sides a bit more.

4. Heart Hand Warmers

That's all for this month! I also spent a week cooking up 

delicious pancakes, you can check it out here: 

Pancake Week! - In Review + BONUS

A New Year, A New Beginning

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2014, hello 2015! I'm so ready for a new year. I'm so ready for new adventures. I'm just so ready!

Today I'm driving across the Rockies to start the year off in a new state, Colorado! Wookie (my boyfriend) and I are moving to Boulder to start fresh and to live in a new place. We are excited for all the amazing things that Colorado has to offer. Snowboarding, snow sports, trails, hiking, mountains, open spaces, lower state income tax, seasons, lower rents, and hopefully a better work life balance.

It's also the time of year to start thinking about what we want new in 2015. For me:

  • Hike up a mountain (14k)
  • Finish a 50k - I've been obsessing about this for awhile
  • Attempt to qualify for Boston! I'm so close!
  • Take the GMAT. Getting an MBA is somewhere in my future
  • Read more! I got a new Kindle on Black Friday so I'm hoping to use it more.



My final resolution is to craft 50 items this year which I will blog about. I took up crocheting in the last couple months and it's super fun! I want to keep learning other crafts and trying out new things. Next year I'll craft 50 things (~1 per week) and I'll blog about it. I'm a crafty runner you know :)

So that's what I want from 2015, what are you looking forward too?