Looking Forward - Finishing 2014

Hello all,

So as we look towards the end of the year and into our 2015 race calendar, it's always good to stop and reflect.

What went well this year?
What needs to be adjusted?
Is new gear worth trying?
What can make you a more confident runner in 2015?

My year, after setting a few new PRs, is unfortunately going out with a whimper. This year I ran 4 marathons, which is twice as many as I normally run and it has taken a toll on my body. My hip and knee have started hurting and I've started carrying a lot of tension in my shoulders because of it. With Avengers Half (yay!), then Dopey (yay! x4), and then Star Wars Weekend (yay! x3), taking time off completely, isn't in the cards since I'd like to finish all of these races upright.

So what's the plan? Basically, I'm going to just focus on endurance. These races will be run but not raced as I give my body time to recover a bit from the intense training I put it through this year. Also, I'm planning to work in more stretching and recovery into my routine more regularly. Recovery has always taken a backseat and again, it's showing in how my body is hurting more than usual after the training I put in this year.

Focus for the next 2 months: Put in the miles, don't worry about pace.

Once I get through January, I'll reevaluate but I'm hoping that building my endruace base will then set me up to start working in speedwork again and I can race another marathon in May of 2015.

So how is your year finishing up? What are your goals? What are your plans for 2015?

This Week (5/26-6/1)

To say this week was crazy would be an understatement. Work, life, side projects, and everything snowballed into one doozy of an exhausting week. Mix in me signing up last minute for a race and yep, that's my life!

  • Monday - 15.5 mile bike ride - Love having a Monday holiday!
  • Tuesday - 5 mile run - Honestly I can't remember if this was a good run or not, I think it was
  • Wednesday - 6.5 miles - Went and did a track workout!
  • Thursday - 4.5 miles - Back at the track!
  • Friday - Rest day - 
  • Saturday - 2.5 miles - Easy laps at the track (seeing a pattern? Yep testing stuff for coming features!)
  • Sunday - 13.1 - Diva Half Marathon! This is the second time I've run this race and I have a love/less than love relationship with it but I keep age group placing so it's a good day. Oh, and I set a new PR of 1:42:11. Woots!

That's my week in running! Now time for a nice afternoon nap and just to shut down for awhile. Later dudes!

This Week (5/19-5/25)

What a week!

It was so much fun rockin' my Disney Side at Disneyland for 24 hours. I'm 3/3 on attending a 24 hour day at Disney and each time is a completely unique experience. Loved that Disneyland kept BOTH parks open for 24 hours!

Also, next week I'm excited to run my FIRST virtual race, the Skirt Sports Half (http://www.skirtsportshalf.com). I registered at the $115 dollar value which meant I got a $100 gift card + Swag, including a Skirt Sport skirt ($32 value) so basically you can MAKE money on this race! Why wouldn't you register?! Also, this raises money for their charity, Kick Start, which promotes women's running! This is what we call a win-win-win situation!
  • Monday - Rest day! Did some walking but nothing to intense. Also kicked off doing more core workouts.
  • Tuesday - 4 Miles + Walking to test - Also did another ab workout.
  • Wednesday - 6 Miles - Abs were really sore from Mon and Tues so I planked
  • Thursday - 4 Miles - Also planked for 2 min
  • Friday - Rest - Well sort of if you don't include walking all day at Disneyland! I logged 37k steps during the 24 hour day at Disneyland!
  • Saturday - Rest - Finished up the 25 hour day at Disneyland then hit the road back to the Bay Area - I then slept until 7am Sunday (aka 16 hours)
  • Sunday - 16.5 Miles - Started off a little rough because I was suffering from a Disney hangover (dehydration+sugar/caffeine crash+sleep deprivation = Disney hangover) but once I got through the first 2 felt pretty good! Powered by Energy Bits and Ignite Naturals!
Learning: Core workouts are necessary evil.
Fitness High: Feeling my FitBit buzz because I had reached my step goal for Saturday right at the moment my friend and I headed for the Disneyland exit at 6am! It was magical!

Other Highlights:
The Rock Your Disney Side event at Disneyland Resort was awesome! So much fun and I also took my Bia out for a spin on the rides and LOVED having the auto-upload so I could see them right after. Look for a fun blog post Monday! You can catch up on the fun NOW if you go to my twitter - https://twitter.com/MouseRuns