Let's Get Down To Business!

... to defeat, the Huns.

What better way to start my running blog than to quote my favorite Disney running song! So now that you are humming that little ditty, let me introduce myself.  Now some person I don't even know reminds us there's no eating, drinking, smoking, or flash photography allowed in my dream... err... blog.  And off we go...

My name is Katherine, I'm 23, love Disney, and, as of 3 years ago, I caught the running bug.  I'm originally from Columbus, OH (Go Bucks!), went to college at Syracuse (Go Orange!), spent a year living in Florida, and now I live in the Bay Area near San Francisco, CA! I enjoy running, looking at lolCats, and general exploring and being outdoors.

Just goofin' around!

So why do I want to start this blog?  I remember when I was thinking about running my first marathon, I got a lot of encouragement from podcasts, blogs, and articles and was hoping to pass along some knowledge to other Disneyphiles/runners.  I really enjoy the sense of community that both Disney and running creates!  To date, I've run 2 full marathons, 4 half marathons and a smattering of 5ks and other races.  Both my marathons were down in "The World" and in my collection are medals earned at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and Princess Half Marathon.

Me after the 2012 Disney Marathon!

Look for my first real post soon!  TTFN!