I'm a Mickey Miler!

What Do You Run For?

Many see running as a selfish sport, and they are sometimes right. It's all about training usually by yourself, running to beat yourself, and taking care of yourself so that you can accomplish your next run. If you are a runner or are friends with a runner you know this to be true. However, many run for a greater cause.

For a long time I raised money for Make-A-Wish but recently I've transitioned to a new running team! 

The Mickey Milers are the running group associated with the Mickey Miles Podcast, and it supports Give Kids the World. Give Kids the World is a place where kids (many Make-A-Wish) and their families can stay and get some extra support and comfort while they are visiting all the Orlando attractions.

I got the privileged of volunteering here once and the kids and families are great! The place is so magical and well themed. It's a great place for these families to get away from it all and have a magical time.

Want to join the Mickey Milers? Go here to get all the details! goo.gl/cf0V9C

Want to donate? Check out my page here: http://goo.gl/hAZkUq

Who do you run for? What's your Run 3rd?

Watch below for info about Give Kids the World:

What Am I Listening To? (Disney Podcast Edition)

So, whenever I tell friends/co-workers I run, one of the first questions is always "Don't you get bored?"

I'd be lying if I said there weren't days when I did get bored, but most days I'm listening to my tunes or my podcasts to keep me company. For February I'll be posting my favorites here every Wednesday.

Today, we're going to cover my top picks for Disney podcasts which are my more frequent "go to"s on my iPod.
  1. Mickey Miles Podcast - This is a great podcast that matches my love of running with my love for runDisney. Great information and interviews to keep you company on any run!
  2. WDW Today - These guys (and gals) are great! It's a round table discussion so you get lots of perspectives and interesting conversation about Walt Disney World. There is rarely a podcast where I don't look a little crazy chuckling to myself.
  3. WEDWayRadio - This is a great podcast for historical/imagineering/other information about the Disney parks. Great hosts and a great podcast with lots of information.
  4. WDWRadio - Another great host and great information about the parks present and past. Anything that references an interview with Jim Korkis is a gem. These podcasts are usually about an hour log so this is perfect for those long runs.
  5. DisUnplugged - There is both a Walt Disney World and Disneyland edition of this podcast and both offer great round table discussions of the parks and are great for news and information. They always keep me in the loop on the latest park happenings.
What are you listening to?