Friday Link Ups!

Running Stuff!

Weekly Workout - Week 12 - I'd say my calves are the muscle group that I'm most concerned about almost all the time. Looking to try out some of these Runner's World tips!

How to Avoid Overheating on the Run - Overheating is a problem I face as do many runners. It's never the wrong season so read up on this!

Kara Goucher Targeting Fall Marathon - Because I love Kara!

Eight Tips for Improving Pre-Race Sleep - I'm a bad sleeper and race jitters make me the worst sleeper. Some solid tips to help!

2015 Boston Marathon Cut-off is 1:02 Under Qualifying Mark - I've definitely got BQ on the brain so this is something I'm super interested in. It's also sparked a debate between cutting off qulaifiers to make room for charity bibs, I don't have a strong feeling on either side of the equation.
Food Fun!

21 Boozy Cider Drinks To Try This Fall - Yes, yes, and yes!!!

Veggies Have Protein, Too! - I'm not a vegetarian but I do go days (unintentionally) without eating meat. This is also my excuse for consuming all the beans!

Mini Chicken Pot Pies - These just look plain delicious!

Other Internet Happenings!

First Look: The New Beautifully Disney Haunted Mansion Collection at Disney Parks - I'm not one to wear a lot of make-up, but the cases for this collection might make me open my wallet a bit.

Friday Link Up!

So this week I started saving all the links that I found interesting/informative/fun and this is what came out the other side. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Fall! Love Pusheen!




Friday Happy!

My Friday favorites! Hope you all had a great week!
  1. @RunnersandCats - Seriously, this Twitter account was created for me! Check it out!
  2. FroYo - Don't underestimate the power of delicious milk and sugar frozen into delicious flavors
  3. runDisney registration day - It's like a game, how fast can I register and then it's a waiting game as you watch the registered percentages fill. A little adrenalin rush at 9am PDT!
  4. Google Hangout Emoticons - They look like gumdrops and kind of derpy, I love using them and chuckling at their odd shape and the thought that someone designed them all.
  5. This picture from @BearsActHuman

Have a great weekend all!