I Came, I Ran, I Diva-d!

Hello All,

Today was the Diva Half Marathon here in the Bay Area and what an event is was. I had a great time and before I jump into the details I thank all the organizers of this event and the series! Very fun and well organized!

So here we go!

Expo - Health and Fitness Boutique

As to be expected, this race was very female oriented. Everything was pink. Not that I have anything against the color but wow there was a lot of pink. It was smallish but the vendors they did have there were great! I ended up talking with Team Sparkle about runDisney costumes and upcoming races. I ended up investing in some silver sleeves for future running costumes. Overall, it was busy but not crowded and it was fun to just wander around.

Spent about an hour in total there. It was a great size and had great vendors, normally I hate going to the expo but I give this one an A+ for being a great experience!

Race Day - 5/5/2013

Start line was a good size. Coming into the race I had been battling a slight cold all week and just felt pretty exhausted in general, but I arrived and felt good to run. I was optimistically realistic about how I would perform in the race and didn't have the normal "getting to the race" anxiety, since the start line was a short walk from my apartment. I'm still chasing my 1:45 half goal and thought I'd give it a chance today. I felt good and I was on my home turf.

It was a cool morning with overcast, it was perfect running weather. It was definitely a new runner/girls weekend running crowd. There was one woman who was being... loud and impatient waiting for the bathroom. Clearly, she had never been in a bathroom line at a race before, nor planned for the fact that the field was mostly women.

The crowd was fun and we had a moment of silence for Boston, the National Anthem was sung, and then we were off just after 7.

As I said before, this race was on my home turf which I thought would help immensely but for some reason it meant I was in my head a lot more than usual during the race. I didn't have new scenery to look at to distract me, I think the course was too familiar. While I love running, this is the path that I run my long runs on and where my running demons are met and fought regularly. At times I forgot I was racing and had to refocus and remind myself that this isn't just a Sunday long run, this is a race. It was an interesting experience. Have any of you had that problem running a familiar course?

I really ran my heart out on this one. This was a race that really came down to the mental game for me and I pushed myself more than usual, however I came short at 1:46:14. Respectable but over my ultimate goal time and not a new PR. However, the "freebies" with this race were crazy! Before the finish you get a boa and a crown (dropped mine), then you get a medal (from some hunky firemen who flustered me and so I opted out for the fun girl that was closest, how do you choose between 3 hot firemen? I felt like I was 12 again and couldn't talk to guys, I was stunned by there smiles and muscles), then to the rose station, then to the snacks (bagels and bananas first), and finally champagne and sponsored snacks! What a finish line chute!

Check out all the swag...

So I ended the race, checked my time and saw that I had come in 4th in my age group, 1 place out of the custom medal! Augh... so I walked home and relaxed for a bit and then checked my time again and... I CAME IN 3rd! So I hurried back over to claim my medal! Woo hoo! Check it out, double bling!

The reverse side of the age award medal was engraved and, yes, the jewels spin :)

This was a very large medal. Here's a size comparison for you all!

Overall here's the break down:


  • Flat course and beautiful scenery (along the water)
  • TONS of swag
  • Large water cups with water and gatorade (not electrolyte mix) at every water stop
  • Very female oriented and lots of fun skirts and tutus
  • Finish line shut - Hello firemen!
  • Great expo


  • Newbie crowd, it was self seeded so it took about a mile or so before the field really shook out into their real paces

Overall, had a great time! Really fun event and tons of SWAG which I love and substantial bling to take home. If you are looking for a fun female run, I'd definitely check this series out. Very fun and well organized!

Thanks all for now! Faith, trust, and pixie dust!

Diva-ing Out

This was a busy week for me. I had a large push at work for the project I'm on, followed by a short business trip which meant not much sleep and just feeling physically exhausted. I didn't get in the runs I wanted to get in, nor the speedwork that would ultimately prepare me for my half marathon next week. I'll chalk this one up to a fun run and call it a day, but I really am excited for this new experience!

Next Sunday I'll partake in my first Diva Half Marathon which looks to be such a fun running series. It looks like the Princess Half that Disney puts on taken to the next level! An extra blinged out spinner medal, plus a rose and a glass of bubbly at the finish... Yes, please!  I'll let you all know how I do but I know I"m going to have fun, plus it's on my "home turf"(my usual long run running route) which helps a lot!

I"ll let you all know about the experience but I'm sure it will be fun!

So I'm a runDisney addict and some news was released this week which is very exciting.

  1. New 10k added to the Princess Half Marathon Weekend - Awesome!
  2. New Glass Slipper Challenge added to the weekend (10k+Half) - Even more awesome!
  3. If you tackle the Tinkerbell and the Princess Half = Special Pink Coast to Coast - the collector in me wants this so bad! Got to get them all!

Check out that bad boy!

This is a great expansion of the weekend and will allow more people to participate. And what a great weekend for these races to get added to! The Princess Half Marathon weekend is a lot of fun (I'll write a post about my experience in 2012 soon)! I think 10k's are a great stepping stone to longer distances! Get all the details here: http://www.rundisney.com/blog/articles/a-princess-and-a-pixie/

So 2014, is going to be all about the Dopey for me. I originally was thinking 2014 would be Goofy and then I'd run my first Tinkerbell, but with the Dopey that all changed. Maybe next year will be the year to chase that pink Coast to Coast medal and find my Glass Slipper? Only time (and my wallet) will tell.

What are your thoughts on the new races? Do you like the new Coast to Coast?

Faith, trust and pixie dust!