1 Day Until Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

That's right guys, the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend kicks-off tomorrow. Hope you are packed and ready to run beautiful miles in Anaheim, CA!!!

So today we are going to look at ALL the miles run by ALL the finishers of the Disneyland Half Marathon. According to the records I found here are the year by year statistics!

Year - Finishers

  • 2006 - 9393
  • 2007 - 9760
  • 2008 - 10846
  • 2009 - 11645
  • 2010 - 12363
  • 2011 - 12802
  • 2012 - 14831
  • 2013 - 15872
  • 2014 - 15979

Over the past 9 years there has been 113,491 finish lines celebrated at Disneyland for a total of... 

1,486,732.10 miles run at the Happiest Place On Earth!


Hope you are ready to celebrate your training, your journey, and the magic that is runDisney!

8 Days Until the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

According to askville.amazon.com the inaugural race cost $80 dollars meaning in the past 10 years it has increased in price by $119 dollars or a 250% increase. Yowzers!

Since this race occurred before the official runDisney organization was founded in 2010, runners got information from www.disneylandhalfmarathon.com.

Want to see what the inaugural race was really like? Check out this review from AllEars.net by Laura Gilbreath

Did you know Disneyland hosted a marathon?

Image Source: MousePlanet.com

While the Disneyland Half Marathon is the longest continous race held at the Disneyland Resort, they did host their one and only marathon on March 26, 1995 on the heels of the success of the inaugural WDW Marathon in January 1994. The coolest part of this race? They finished ON MAIN ST! That's right, the 2,200 marathoners that started at 7am finished inside the park. Get more info on this one and done event here!

9 Days Until the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

The inaugural race took runners on a similar route as today including running near Angels stadium and running through both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure!

The medal also has a familiar feel to it! So pretty!

More fun facts tomorrow!

*images were taken from Fat Chicks Running Race Recap Blog

Week In Workouts (7/20-7/26)

Hello all!

I'm super excited because I have so many races on the horizon.

1. Disneyland Half Weekend - Dumbo Double Dare
2. North Face Endurace Challenge 50k in Utah
3. Hot Chocolate 15k in Denver

With that in mind I decided to track my progress (and share it with all of you). I'm training for my first 50k so most of my training plan will revolve around that moment. So let's dig into how this week went...

Feeling going into the week: Exhausted and sore. We moved into a new apartment so that meant after a 14 mile trail run I packed, lifted, and unpacked my life. Saturday was trail run and then moving for the next 12 hours, when Sunday rolled around we had to move the rest of our stuff and a run was not in my future.

Where were you last week alpaca???

Since I was sore from the previous weekend, I dialed back my weekday runs accordingly.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday 6 miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 15 trail miles (3.3k of climbing) and it was a slow and hot run!
Sunday: 9.2 evening miles

Week total: 40.2 miles

This isn't quite the 47 miles I had planned to complete but it's the first week above 40 in a while so I'll take that. I was suppose to do a 10 miler during the week and my Saturday 15 miler should have been a 20 miler but I cut it short because it was hot hot HOT!

Next week is an easier week so I should be able to hit my 40 miles easy peasy and then continue to ratch up the weekly mileage!

Have a great week all!

Get Ready, Get Set, Go! - Diamond Celebration 6k

Event is over, thanks for your support!

Hello all,

I'm so excited to be sharing with you all that I'm hosting my very own virtual run! This is something I've been thinking about doing for a little over a year and I've been working on getting everything together for a couple months now and FINALLY I can share it with YOU!

I'm sooo excited! Like seriously! So I'm pleased to announce that you can all participate in the...

Diamond Celebration Virtual 6k

So there is this theme park that's kind of having a big birthday coming up (the big 6-0) and I thought there couuldn't be a better way to connect Disney loving runners everywhere than by hosting a virtual race to celebrate this amazing birthday! Run 1 kilometer for every decade of Disney theme parks!

  • When: July 17-19 (try to complete the 6k during the birthday weekend!)
  • Where: Anywhere - it's a virtual race so you can run wherever is most comfortable for you
  • How far: 6k or 3.7 miles, or however far you feel like running
  • Cost: $35 - this includes the cost of shipping, all net proceeds will go to ALSF
  • What Will I Get: A bib, an awesome 2.5" glittery medal (see below), and some other fun goodies! Race Packets will be mailed the week of July 6th.

All proceeds will be going to Alex's Lemonade Stand, a non-porfit dedicated to childhood cancer research! Check out my lemonade stand here: MouseRunner's Lemonade Stand

Oh! Oh! And before I forget the glittery, 2.5", beautiful medal...

So if this all sounds great select below to learn more or register!


More Information

Time to celebrate some Disney magic!

Let's Make Lemonade! (Team Lemon)

This year I decided that I wanted to run the Dumbo Double Dare for charity. There were a lot of reasons that I made this decision (didn't have to do the crazy stressful sign up when it opened, didn't want to drop the money at that time for the full registration fee, didn't know if this race was in the plan for the year yet, etc) but really I was inspired by my mom.

Last year my mom died unexpectedly and for unknown causes. My mom was extremely charitable giving of her time and energy to so many different charities. She was so involved that at the end of her obituary we thought it fitting to add this:

"In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Riverside UM Church, St. Joseph Montessori School Music Program, or the charity where you knew her the best"

As anyone who has had someone close to them die, I'm still trying to find ways to honor her and running for a charity group is something I CAN do. Before my mother's death, she had signed up through Alex's Lemonade Stand, a charitable group dedicated to ending childhood cancer, to run the WDW 5k. She had chosen this charity since she herself had spent a good portion of her career researching childhood diseases and cancer or supporting those that were doing research at the Columbus Children's Hospital.

This would've been my mom's 4th WDW 5k, but sadly my Dad walked in her place instead.

For this year's Dumbo Double Dare, I've chosen Alex's Lemonade Stand as my charitable organization. Not only is this a great organization but it now carries an entirely personal meaning as well.

I know what it means to lose a parent, but I can only imagine the pain a parent feels when they lose a child or watch their child suffer from a life threatening illness. I want to be a part of the solution to ending this type of tragedy.

So why am I writing all this?

Because I need your support. Please check out my page and if you find it in your heart to donate that's great, if not that's okay too.

First 2 people to donate $50 or more will get to choose the character that I'll run as during each race! Donate here:  MouseRunner's Lemonade Stand

I'm also hoping to organize some virtual events to bring in donations! I'll keep you posted!

Also, $2 of each purchase made on my Etsy page will be donated to my page and if you buy Alex the Lemon, this will be a $10 donation in your name! Check out my Etsy shop: RunCraftRepeat

Remember to follow me on Twitter for all the updates: @MouseRuns

Star Wars Weekend 2015 - Half Marathon/Rebel Challenge


After the 10k, I made sure to take it a little easier at the parks. The parks were pretty crowded and it was hard to get much done. Also, most of the group had woken up for the 10k so we were all okay with taking it easier that day. It was lucky we had done most of our park touring the day before!

I ended up calling it a day pretty early, grabbing some Earl of Sandwich (the holiday sandwich is fast becoming my favorite pre-race meal at Disneyland) and went back and chilled in the room. It was perfect, I'm so glad Wookie is happy with chill evenings like this!

4am once again came to early. Got ready and was out the door by 4:25, however in my final check before leaving the hotel I realized I had forgotten my bib. Doh! I grabbed it quick and was on my way!

Made it over to the start area and got into corral A and was ready. My legs were feeling good and I was ready to race and just have a great time. The weather was also perfect, a cool 50 degrees which is a great temperature when you are ready to run hard. I had looked at the top times for my age group from the 10k and they weren't too fast so I figured if I put in a solid effort I felt like I could age place (!!!!). I had my RawThreads tank on, my Sparkle Skirt was extra sparkly and I was ready.

The plan was to take the first 4.5 miles (aka the park miles) easy-ish and evaluate how I was feeling as I went. National anthem was sung (I have been so impressed by the National Anthem singings in 2015 so fat), final announcer info banter completed, and the final countdown was upon us. I didn't start at the front because I wanted a buffer so I'd take the start slow.

Our runner story!

We were released and the first 4.5 miles were all backstage and park time. LOVE IT! Luke and Leia, Chewie, Darth Vader, and other characters were on the course. They were everywhere! Loved all the Storm Troopers in Disney California Adventures. After being told a bunch of Storm Troopers weren't there for photo ops in other races, this was refreshing.

My legs were feeling good so this race was on! I didn't stop for character pics but I still enjoyed every minute! Every minute except for when I was going through a water stop and a woman decided she needed to put her hand on my back and push me forward because she hadn't planned for the fact that people slow down through water stops and was apparently tailing me and couldn't be bothered to slow down or say anything to me (grumblegrumblegrumble). Whatever, I walked, downed my water, and then passed her and vowed she would never pass me again. Thanks for the motivation random annoying runner!

So now were out of the parks and onto the roads. My legs were feeling good and I was ready to race. I had looked at the 10k times from the previous day and taken a look at the Avenger's Half Marathon times and well if I ran this right, I had the potential to place in my division.

The course out of the parks was pretty nice, very flat and had lots of interesting things to see. It was fun to run through a new area of Anaheim and the on course entertainment was super awesome. The cosplay group around mile 8 were awesome! So many great costumes. There was also some unofficial Star Wars fan entertainment including a rather short Wookie. Super fun.

With new places to run and my legs feeling good I kept pushing myself but I was being really aware not to burn out my legs too fast. It wasn't until mile 12 that I realized if I had turned up the speed a little bit, I could've set a new half PR but unfortunately at that point it was too late. The final mile flew by and got to the mile 13 marker and booked it in.

I finished with an official time of 1:43:23, my third fastest half marathon time ever (didn't I just run my third fastest marathon a week ago? Crazy!). I felt good, my legs felt great and I was anxious to see if I had age placed but would need to wait (currently still waiting since the top finisher in my division didn't look... well... female and I'm currently sitting in 6th).

How do I handle all these medals?

71 runDisney miles later!

This half marathon/challenge/weekend was so exciting! I am definitely coming back for this next year and in the years to come! The challenges that combine the 10k and half marathon is fast becoming my favorite challenge distance pair. Thanks runDisney for a fantastic weekend!

Star Wars Weekend 2015 - 10k

10k here we go!

After an easy 5k, we went a little hard at the parks. We walked around a lot and got a ton done, which was great, but it also took it's toll on our legs. Going to sleep the night before I could feel it in my legs, not too, too much but just a little too much.

Wake up time: 4am. Out the door: 4:30am.

Wookie, my friend, and I made our way over to the start a little groggy, I saw my friend who was running her first challenge race ever after she ran her first 10k only a year ago (so proud of her) before making our way to our corral. We were in corral E (last corral) and waited for our start. We couldn't hear anything back there. We couldn't hear the announcers or the National Anthem until it was half way done. No speakers were set up so it was weird being left in the dark about what was going on.

We finally got to move up after a couple corrals went and were more aware of the race. C-3PO and R2-D2 were there again to see us off and in no time we were off!

This was a great 10k course. Except for the first 1, it was all in parks and in backstage areas.

The original plan was to stop for Chewie for a picture but when we got to him the line was 5 or 6 switchbacks deep. We decided to grab some selfies and continue on. This became the selfie race.

Lots of characters were out! Darth Vader, Chewie, some people from something else, Boba Fett, lots of Jedi and lots of Storm Troopers. It was awesome. However, the lines for said characters were not awesome and I actually turned into "that" runDisney runner when we got to Boba Fett.

Situation: We ran up to Boba Fett and the line was SUPER long (20-25 min) and we were already in the last corral so stopping wasn't really an option for risk of being swept. So we did what we had been doing; pull over to the side, stop, and take a selfie. However, at this character apparently this was a safety issue and even though I was pretty much off the course I wasn't allowed to stop. Granted there were people in the middle of the runner area that were stopping for selfies, which is an issue. But to be told I wasn't allowed to take a photo of on course entertainment was annoying especially since the cast member was physically trying to block my pictures. I was less than nice to this cast member and then festered on this for the rest of the race because 1) I felt bad for her because I know she was only doing what she was told and 2) I knew there had to have been a better solution (or really any solution in this case). In the future at critical places like this, the cast member should be instructed to control the situation by directing selfie pictures to one side and runners to another. Telling runners they can't take pictures is not an acceptable "solution" in my mind and this is the first race weekend I've ever seen this happening. Being a proactive cast member in this situation would've been key but unfortunately she didn't feel empowered to make a decision like that from her management.

Anyways we finished the race and I really enjoyed it. The only part that felt really crowded for both the 5k and the 10k was running through It's a Bug's Land. I was mostly excited at the finish because I got to see two people I care about complete something amazing! Such a great feeling!

Great course, great environment, and I can't wait to run this again!

PS Sorry cast member for being annoying, the situation you were put in by your management team was really just unfortunate. I've been that cast member before to uphold "silly" rules (silly=safety concerns from Disney that guests don't understand) and I completely apologize for being a bratty runner.

Star Wars Weekend 2015 - 5k

Let's get these races started!

I was totally jazzed for these races and they did not disappoint. When I heard Lucas was getting involved I knew that we were in for some real fun. Plus, all the runDisney runners are phenomenal at putting unique outfits together, making your fellow runners just as interesting as the official entertainment.

We woke up at 4, put on our outfits and were out the door a little after 4:30. We walked over to the gathering area, but it was pretty empty by that time since people had made their way to the corrals so we just headed on down. I was excited to be running with my friend as she completed her FIRST 5k EVER! Woots! She had done a virtual one, but this is soooo much better.

Reunion Area stage


-Time out- 

This was the weirdest thing about how the races were set up. The start was set up like Tinkerbell where runners enter via the Simba parking lot by the Paradise Pier hotel, but the bag check and finish were by the Disneyland Hotel. If you were staying on the South side of Disneyland, you were have to walk past the start line area to check your bag and then back track to the corral entrance. It was weird and not the best set up and I saw lots of runners confused by this.

-Time out over-

We got to the corrals around 5am and waited and waited. We were in corral C which was the last corral which was fine. I liked that the 5k felt so much smaller than the one at WDW (3 versus 6 corrals, everything at Disneyland feels more intimate). Plus, C-3PO and R2-D2 were there at the start with Carissa and Rudy. SO FUN! After about 20 minutes we were off!

Confetti at every start!

The course was really fun. Lots of park and backstage time and not so much Anaheim street time.

They had lots of Jedi and Stormtroopers along the course plus lots of projected images and music between characters. The lines for the characters were LONG though. Really LONG. We skipped Chewie but were one of the last 50 or so people to get a picture with Darth Vader (waited about 20 min I think). Score!

We then hustled to the finish and got our medallions. Overall, it was a great race. The runners and the course support were all pretty awesome. So many great costumes and just everyone geeking out in their own way!

We headed back to the hotel, showered and then headed to the parks for some fun! I was already getting excited for 2 more days of running because I knew it was only going to get better!