WDW Marathon Weekend 2019: 5k Race Recap!

So after a late-ish night, I was still SO ready to tackle the WDW 5k. I was ready to get this Dopey Challenge started!

I was up by 2:50am and out the door by 3:34am since runners had to be on the bus by 4am. I was on my way to Epcot by 3:45am and had met up with my running Ohana before 4. These early mornings are no joke :P

Nathan, myself, and Jeff looking to keep that perfect Dopey alive!

Nathan, myself, and Jeff looking to keep that perfect Dopey alive!

We were just 4 strong this morning and it was definitely a little chilly. We headed to our corrals by 5 and just tried to find a nice center spot to keep warm and protect us from the wind. I wish I had brought a heat sheet!

The National Anthem was sung and then with a blast of fireworks we were off. I ran the first part with Nathan and we started in the 3rd wave of Corral A. Once we got going, things were definitely feeling cold and stiff, like we had been waiting in cold temps for awhile (which we had). After the first 1/2 mile though the temp was feeling okay and we were cruising.

5k start fireworks
5k corrals

I was just enjoying the run and taking it easy. Even this early in the race, the character lines were already pretty long. Flik and Princess Atta were backstage before mile 1 and they already had a pretty long line so we kept moving. There were vikings in Norway, Pinocchio was in Italy, Genie was in Morocco, Goofy was dressed in Scottish garb in the UK, and Donald was dressed in pit crew gear near Test Track. Donald had no line so I got in for a quick pic!


I really love the 5k. It’s a great distance and such a festive and fun race with Disney music playing throughout the park and all the pavilions in World Showcase lit up! Running on the Test Track side of Future World was pretty boring so still not sure why they made that switch but overall this is just a great race.

Those finish line feels

Those finish line feels

I met back up with Nathan at the finish and we decided to get into the bus line back to Pop since it was already getting long. Unlike last year they did not pull up the buses ahead of the race to let us start getting on so we had to wait in the cold for about 20 minutes for the last person to clear the race course and allow the buses to pull up and start loading.

We were lucky though since our bus was one of the first to pull out at around 6:50 and we were back at the hotel by 7:10. The plan was for me to quickly shower and then for Bryce and I to get to Animal Kingdom for as much of the 8am Extra Magic Hour as was left. He went down and got breakfast sandwiches and coffee while I showered (he did this every morning and this is one of the many reasons why I adore him) and we were out the door around 8:15.

When we got to Animal Kingdom we headed straight to Pandora but lines were already getting pretty long so we hopped in the line for Navi River Journey and skipped Flight of Passage since we had a Fastpass for later that evening.

We enjoyed the morning and grabbed a really tasty lunch at Harambe Market before heading back to the room for a nap. After resting for a bit we were up and out the door around 4:30, we rode Flight of Passage, had a delicious meal at Santuli Canteen, watched Rivers of Light (which I really like), and rode one more time on Expedition Everest (3 times for the day!) before calling it a night.


We were back in the room around 9pm and light out by 10pm, I had a race with real goals for the next day!


WDW/Universal Oct '14 - Part 6: Hollywood, Animals, and Downtown Disney

Welcome back all!

If you need to catch up you can read Part 5 here!

Today was a pretty chill day. After a late night at Epcot we took the morning slow and headed over to Disney Hollywood Studios (DHS) for some thrills and chills. We rode a few rides including a spin on the Great Movie Ride and a stroll through the animation gallery. Unfortunately we didn't end up riding Toy Story Midway Mania this trip :(

Additional thoughts:

  • I'm thrilled the Great Movie Ride is getting some TLC from TCM! This ride is a bit dated but it's still great and a great anchor to the original theme of the park.
  • The art in the animation gallery is so nice. I love seeing all the art and we got a peak at the Big Hero 6 art. Love!
  • The Wandering Oaken area is really cute. Love the specialty drinks and the snow. Very cute!


We then headed out in the late afternoon and then went back over to Animal Kingdom for a couple spins on Everest and a ride on Kilimanjaro. This park is really beautiful. 

We then headed over to Downtown Disney so Wookie could catch the Giants game (World Series!) and we could just chill out. We took the bus to Coronado and then hopped a bus to Downtown Disney from there.

We then wandered around some stores (DStreet is a dangerous place to shop), grabbed some chocolate samples from Ghirardelli, and then headed to Splitsville to eat some food and watch the game. Downtown Disney is a mess but Splitsville is super cute. I really enjoyed chilling there.

It started getting late so we compromised and headed back to the room to watch the very end of it. Super chill day to make sure we were ready to the Magic Kingdom the next day!!!!

WDW/Universal Oct '14 - Part 5: Animal Kingdom and Epcot After Hours

Hello all!

Here we go with Part 5 of our epic trip to WDW/Universal from October!

You can catch up on Part 4 here: Part 4: Hollywood, Hoop Dee Doo, and Halloween Fun!

So Thursday was jam packed with fun and we were out late so I had planned for a lazy morning followed by Animal Kingdom and then heading over to Epcot for a little more fun and then the Epcot After Hours at the Rose and Crown!

We caught the bus and headed to Disney's Animal Kingdom around 10am, first stop Dinosaur! Here are our thoughts from our day at DAK:

  • Dinosaur: When did they move the Carnotaurus to the other side? This attraction really needs some TLC in general. Still fun but could really be so much more.
  • Everest: Wookie still talks about this attraction. Such a great ride!
  • Festival of the Lion King: I love this show. So spectacular and the new theater and area is really beautiful.
  • We went on some of the trails and the animals had already started going in for the evening which was a bit of a bummer. We also missed the safari because they closed earlier than I expected.

After a few hours there, it was time to head over to Epcot! More Food and Wine! We hurried in grabbed some drinks and food and just chilled. We ended up grabbing some beer at the craft beer building (the snacks they gave out there were quite tasty) and then grabbing so "real sized" beers in Germany and then hanging out on the steps of Italy, it was perfect. We just chilled and chatted and it's surprisingly quiet in the evening in that pavilion. We decided to skip Illuminations that night and caught the last show of the American Adventure. I love this show so much!

The show went later than I expected and by the time we got out it was 10:30 (the park was open until 10pm that night) and the World Showcase promenade was empty. It was awesome but we had to hustle over to the Rose and Crown for after hour drinks.

We had a cozy little corner booth and enjoyed our snacks and beer. It was really nice to just hang out and chat, it truly was a wind down for us.

We finished up and by this point it was very late (honestly we had drunk a lot of beer so I have little recollection of what time it was, whoops!) and the park was empty. It was so nice to wander out (with our to-go Strongbow) in a completely empty park. We made our way over to the bus area which was empty and we got our own private bus (or chariot) to All Star Music. It was a magical evening for sure.

Next time I want to check out Tutto Gusto for the wind down, but I highly recommend checking this dining option out!

As always you can see all the pictures from our trip here: Universal/WDW Trip October 2014

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