1 Day Until Dopey!!!!

*1 Day Until Dopey!*

Literally tomorrow I'll be toeing the line at the 5k on this 48.6 mile adventure. I'll be live tweeting from the 5k and 10k races. Verdict is still out on the half and full. I think it will depend on how well the 5k and 10k go.


It's also expo day! I promise to take lots of pictures!

Here we go!

3 Days Until Dopey!

*3 Days Until Dopey!*

Just 3 day! Final packing is commencing and I'm getting all my costumes packed and my papers in order. So excited!

The weather has me a little nervous but as long as the thunderstorms don't get in the way of finishing, I should be fine. Looks like it's going to be a little warm again this year.

Now that we have some weather information. Time to finish packing and as we all finish our packing...

I try to keep it simple for race day but for the half/full marathon the following things are key for me:
iPod + playlist that corresponds to pace/park arrivals :)
GPS watch (how many miles did I just run?)
Deodorant (I basically use this as bodyglide)
Running shoes
Running belt
Starbursts for pre-race/corral snack
Race Bib

Those are the bigs ones for me! What do you need on race day?

4 Days Until Dopey!

*4 Days Until Dopey!*

Just 4 days until we are toeing the start line! Woo hoo!

Today is a quote that I found really inspiring before running my first marathon.

I was really nervous going into my first marathon, but reading this put it all into perspective. I had had the courage to sign-up and train hard. There were a lot of nerves (as there always is) and I kept thinking "Who runs a marathon? This is insane!" but I kept this in mind. I kept the start line as my next milestone.

Marathon milestones:
1. Sign-up
2. Train
3. Get to the start line and start the race
4. Keep going
5. Still keep going
6. Am I still going? Yes!
7. Wow, I'm still going! I'm going to do this!
8. I'm doing this!
9. I did it! Where's my medal?!

5 Days Until Dopey!

*5 Days Until Dopey!*

I've started packing and my waivers and auth forms have been sent to the parental units. So excited to race and play in the parks! Also, interested to try out the MyMagic+ experience, should be interesting.

You've done the training, now it's time to get out there and do it!

6 Days Until Dopey!

*6 Days Until Dopey!*

6 Days. I start packing this weekend. I'll print out my raice waivers and send copies to my parents who will be down in WDW with me (just in case flight get delayed eep!). I only have 3 days over work, including today until I'm flying home to WDW :)

Today's quote!

So true, I haven't been this excited for a race weekend.. well... since my last race. I think that's what I love/hate most about racing, the excitement and anticipation!

8 Days Until Dopey!

*8 Days Until Dopey!*

Happy New Years!!!

Hope you rang in 2014 in style with friends and family!

Now that it's the new year it means resolution time! Good thing completing Dopey and then earning my coast to coast medal the next weekend is a great goal!

Go out there and accomplish your goals this year!

13 and 12 Days Until Dopey!

13 and 12 Days Until Dopey!

Let's go! Sorry I have to catch up on the countdown today! You are going to get a double dose of countdown!

Hope you all had a great holiday and are looking forward to the new year. I've been doing some online shopping for some fun run gear!

Remember when people call you crazy for running...

and you can just think to yourself...