Small Wins

So this week was a bit of a reset for me. Last week I had a lot of anxiety and was having trouble managing it which resulted in eating a lot of emotions and when weather got in the way of my running, that didn’t help either.  Since coming back from Dopey, my eating was out of control, first starting as a necessary recovery tactic and then quickly becoming a crutch for my anxiety and it was making me feel pretty bad. My stomach was upset and I just felt crappy which only added to the anxiety.

While this week had a similar amount of anxiety, I managed it better and had small wins: 

  • I did not eat my emotions and instead processed what was driving me to food
  • I managed my anxiety through walking meditations which works better for me than traditional seated meditation.
  • I was kind to myself and when I felt my brain getting fuzzy, I let it go and then gently brought myself back into focus instead of beating myself up about it. 

These were small but meaningful wins for this week and I’m counting this as a great week.

What were your small wins this week?