Quick Life & Running Update

Hi all,

Life is flying guys. It feels slow some days when I look back I can see all the things that have happened this year and I”m like “Wow, yeah I got a lot done”.

This year so far I’ve set new PRs, won my first race, and started a new job and 2019 is just hitting it stride. Most recently I finished my LAST CLASS before tackling my final project/capstone for my MPA degree. I’m so excited to be nearing the end of my program and continue to put everything I’ve learned into practice.

These last 6 months have also led me to a lot of self-reflection. What is important? How should I focus my time? What do I want from my life? You know the easy stuff :P

I have a great group of friends here in Denver, my fiance is amazing with all his love and support, and starting a new job with realistic expectations is a pleasant experience. All these things have really allowed me to figure out what I want my work life balance to be. Running has taken a backseat to a lot of things but I’m hoping to run a few more 10ks/halfs throughout the rest of the year and try to work on my mid-distance speed.

Taking this pause to reflect means a lot since I know the rest of the year will fly by (first budget season as an analyst, wedding, and graduating) and I’m looking forward to kick of 2020 with some Dopey Challenge/WDW/ Honeymoon fun and just take a pause with my soon-to-be husband.


Not sure what this blog is trying to stay other than, it’s important to take a moment to reflect before diving in and pushing forward again.

Happy running and life-ing all!