GOOOOOOOAAAALLLS! (And Balancing Life)

Now that Dopey 2019 is behind me and I’m super revved up for running after having a great 10k and marathon, I’m finally ready to set some 2019 goals. If you’ve read my blog before you know I like setting goals throughout the year and this year especially on 1/1/19 I was NOT ready to figure out what was next for me or my running.

This year is going to be BIG. I will finish my masters this fall and get married in October and those two things alone need a lot of time, love, and focus. When I start goal setting for the next few months or year, I tend to just jot down anything that comes to mind that sounds fun or things know I will be doing and then start thinking about what I want the focus of my year to be.

For me, my top priorities are: 

  • Have a wonderful wedding full of love

  • Successfully finish my Masters

  • Ensure these 2 things and running don’t completely cloud my mind and I neglect spending time with my fiancé, friends, and family. I need some balance this year and do more things that bring me joy!

Notice something missing? Running. This year I do have running goals (we’ll get to that) but honestly the above 3 things take precedent and honestly that’s going to be hard sometimes. I tend to set a training schedule and REALLY stick to it. I feel guilty if I skip a workout or cut something short but this year, I just need to be okay with that. Life happens, running will be there next year and the next year and the next year… it’s okay that running isn’t my main non-work focus.

So another reason I like to wait until after WDW Marathon Weekend to set goals is usually I have some current goals wrapped up in that weekend. For example, this year I had the goal of setting a new 10k PR and age placing at the WDW 10k (which I did and you can read about it here) so on Jan 1st I was still focused on those goals. 

So with that, what are my running goals for 2019? 

  1. Set a new half marathon PR - my current PR turns 5 in May and I’ve grown so much as a runner since then, time to freshen that up!

  2. Set a new mile PR - this was something I was working on last year too but I think I have some more in me.

  3. More cross training - I want to try out new fitness classes or at home classes to see if it takes my running to the next level. I actually tried out Orange Theory this past weekend and helped me understand some more about my fitness level. (More on that soon!)

  4. Race more frequently - this year I want to do more of what I love and I LOVE running races. Last year I didn’t race much due to time and money constraints but I want to prioritize it more this year. Don’t get me wrong, I like pushing myself during training too but races give me joy and I want to do more things that bring me joy.

  5. Register for Dopey #7 and my 10th WDW Marathon! It seems like just yesterday I was running my first marathon ever at the 2011 WDW Marathon!

So those are my goals. Simple and sweet. The one thing missing that I was hoping to do is get a Chicago Marathon Qualifying Time but honestly I kept mulling it over and it just didn’t align with my other priorities for the year. If things change maybe I’ll sneak a marathon in, but for now due to time, focus, and probably travel, it’s just not in the cards. I will probably be throwing my hat in for some of the 2020 World Major lotteries, though!

So that’s all for now, I’m excited to be focusing on half marathons this year and see where it takes me!