Weekly Training Recap: Nov 26-Dec 2

Well this week’s training did not go as planned. I kept calling my cold a “head cold” but in actuality it was probably more than that. I was a sniffling mess on Thursday and Friday and had body aches starting Thursday/Friday. I was just shy a fever for full blown flu.

So with that, let’s see how I fared.

Monday - Plan: Rest day, Actual: Rest day - check!

Tuesday - Plan: 6 miles, Actual: 5.2 miles at 9:09/mi pave - I was feeling a little tired and had some trouble getting going so cut it a little short. The cold was coming…

Wednesday - Plan: 5 mile tempo with 1 mile warm-up and cool down, Actual: 1.15 mile warm-up, 5 miles at 8:34/mi pace, .85 mile cool down. I knew I wasn’t feeling great when I went out for this run. Instead of throwing in the towel for my tempo miles and just taking them easy I decided to do what I could. I really struggled and this pace was waaaay off from where a normal tempo should be but given how I was feeling I am pretty proud.

Thursday - Plan: Rest day, Actual: Rest day - I really tried to take it easy to hopefully not make my cold worse as I headed into the weekend. While it is a down week I still had 3 runs scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Friday - Plan: 6 miles, Actual: 4.25 miles at 9:14min/mile pace - This was a struggle and I was still very much in denial at how bad my cold was. This was a struggle run but I was proud I got out there, even if it did set back my cold.

Saturday - Plan: 12 miles, Actual: 0 miles - I finally decided it was time to give my achy body the rest it so desperately needed. The hope was that taking Saturday off would mean I could bounce back for some sort of run Sunday. I even took a day off from my planking streak to see if that would help.

Sunday - Plan: 6 miles, Actual: 0 miles - While I was feeling better I didn’t want to try to push it and risk not being able to go into my next up week starting from behind. I did get out and take the dog for a longer walk on Saturday and Sunday so that helped me mentally feel like I wasn’t totally losing all my fitness.

Total Miles: 16.45 miles

This was one of my lowest mileage weeks of the entire year. I don’t normally get flattened by a cold like this, I think it’s been 3 years since my last flu, so this really threw me off. I’m hoping I’ve gotten it out of the way so that the rest of my Dopey Challenge training can be strong and consistent. Looking forward to a full week of running next week!

What have I been listening to?

I’ve been binging on My Favorite Murder recently. It’s a fun crime podcast with 2 SoCal comedians that both intrigues me and makes me laugh every time. If you need a break from news, politics, and other “opinion” shows, this is a great one!