Weekly Training Recap: Nov 12-18

Another week closer to WDW and the Dopey Challenge! This past week was tiring but awesome. I had Monday off so that was a nice extra day of rest.

Monday - Rest Day!

Tuesday - Plan: 5 easy miles, Actual: 5 miles at a 8:54/mi pace. These felt pretty good, starting to definitely feel the long runs in my legs as I build up to those 20 mile weekend runs.

Wednesday - Plan: 6 easy miles, Actual: 5.15 miles at a 9:05/mi pace. Woke up a little late so had to cut it a little short. Felt pretty good though.

Thursday - Plan: 5 mile tempo with 1 Mile warm up and cool down. Actual: 5 mile tempo at 7:56/mi with warm up and cool down for 7 miles total! This was a great workout, and left me pumped for the morning and a little sleepy in the afternoon.

Friday - Rest Day!

Saturday - Plan: 17 easy long run miles, Actual: 16.5 easy miles (slowed more by freezing rain) at a 9:40/mi pace. This run started out pretty good but then around mile 12 the freezing rain started to catch up to the sidewalks. I had to watch my footing and walk in a few places which dropped my pace. There was a couple points where I thought about calling my fiance to come pick me up but then thought against it and just kept running. Overall, this was a great mental test for me.

Sunday - Plan: 10 easy miles, Actual: 10.5 easy miles at a 9:00/mi pace. The weather was much better for this run and I decided to make up the .5 miles I missed on my long run. The sun was out so it meant most of the of the ice was melted. I just had to watch my footing in a few places but this was a really great run.

Total Miles: 44.15

Additionally, I’ve kept my plank streak alive and practiced giving thanks everyday. I also did some core work on Saturday and Sunday as well as a yoga cool down on Saturday. It’s all about balance.

What was I listening to?

So I’m kind of into local government (getting my MPA and like really into local government) and recently Planet Money did an episode on the weirdness that is happening in Kansas City since it straddles Kansas and Missouri. It’s a great microcosm for what business incentives can do for a city and the complications it can cause.