Weekly Training Recap: Dec 17-23

This was the last big week of training before WDW Marathon Weekend and my 6th Dopey Challenge! Eep!

Dining reservations, fast passes, and magical expresss reservations are all made. Luggage tags and magic bands are in hand. All that’s left is this last big push and some waiting!

The Digital Event Guide came out this week (and looks great!) and so did bib waivers and corral assignments (I’m in B this time!). I’m always a little paranoid that I messed up my proof of time and so it’s great having these final pieces fall into place!

Race maps were posted too and I’ve updated my runDisney map page to include them!  

So with that, this is my big 50 mile week, I usually try to do a true Dopey Dress Rehearsal but had to shuffle my days a bit to accommodate travel. Let’s see how it went! 

Monday - Plan: 5 easy miles, Actual: 5 miles at 9:06 pace. I was still feeling fatigued from the weekend so just ran by effort and felt pretty good.

Tuesday - Plan: 6x800m with warm up and cool down. Actual: 5 medium effort miles. My legs were still feeling fatigued so I decided to play it safe and just do some medium effort miles instead. This week is about logging the miles and getting them done in a healthy way.

Wednesday - Rest day! My one rest day this week and I was so ready for it! 

Thursday - Plan: 5 easy miles, Actual: 5 miles at 8:43 pace. That rest day really helped because this pace was feeling easy this morning. Love having a good easy run, helps build confidence as I look at all the miles ahead! 

Friday - Plan: 7 easy miles, Actual: 7.5 miles at 9:02 pace. Felt good, felt easy, feeling so mentally ready to tackle my last 20 miler!

Saturday - Plan: 20 long run miles, Actual: 20.15 miles at an average pace of 9:22 min/mile. This was one of the  best 20 milers I’ve had in soooo long. I made a point to make sure I was taking my energy and his water at the right intervals and it all just came together for me. I’m feeling great going into my 6th Dopey!

Sunday - Plan: 8 easy miles, Actual: 7.5 easy miles at a 9:11 min/mile. I wasn’t sure how this would go when I laid it out in my training plan but I actually had a great run. Wore a new pair of shoes and my legs felt okay. Just focused on my effort and breath and ran what felt good.

Total Miles: 50.15 miles

This was a great peak week for Dopey Challenge. Not everything went as planned but I logged the miles and I’m feeling really strong and ready to tackley 6th Dopey Challenge. Also, this will be my 20th marathon ever! Can’t wait to celebrate in Disney World!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday and spending time with friends and family! 

What was I listening to? 

FreshAir - Interview with Emily Blunt about Mary Poppins Returns

99% Invisible - holiday show which covers a bunch of smaller topics.